Archives For Spoiled and Rotten Food

I’m a vegetarian, well mostly anyway.  I do eat fish, but nothing else.  I therefore depend on good quality produce.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been Happy at all with what my husband has brought home from our local supermarket.  I don’t really want to mention the stores name as I don’t want any retaliation from them.  I am however going to write yet another complaint, which will again fall on deaf ears.  Nothing ever changes. When you tell them what’s wrong they give you a gift card and a smile hoping to regain your trust.  They do nothing to improve anything you complain about. I urge everyone and anyone not happy with what they are paying for, to make sure to let the stores know. Maybe if enough people fight back they will be forced to change their behavior.  I’m planning on writing one last letter if nothing changes I intend on going to the board of health and the Better Business Bureau.  Rotten food with bugs in it just shouldn’t be sold to good paying customers neither should spoiled milk or sour cream.  Stale cereals and moth infested pastas and peppers just to mention a few things.


Things have gotten so bad that many people are starting to grow some of their own produce.  I am growing some peppers and tomatoes along with a couple of herbs.

I think that some of this has been allowed to continue because our local store is the one market that’s within walking distance for many of those who don’t have cars.  Even if you have a car you would still have to drive some distance for another store.  There are a couple of other higher end markets a little further, but for the elderly in the neighborhood that are on a fixed income, they are harder to travel to and they don’t end up with as much as if they went to the other supermarket. The community falls victim to the supermarket corporation. Take hold of your voice, use it and make the store do right by you and all the other paying customers. Without customers, no business can survive!