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Woman says people trespassing, bothering neighbors

The Conjuring – this new horror films was one of the top Facebook fans picks for scariest movie. It was released in 2013 and tells the story of a family who lives in a haunted farmhouse.

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BURRILLVILLE, R.I. — The owner of a reputedly haunted house in Rhode Island depicted in the horror movie “The Conjuring” says the film has given her nothing but real-life nightmares.

The flick portrayed Norma Sutcliffe’s 18th century farmhouse in Burrillville as haunted by malevolent spirits that tormented the Perrons, a real-life family that owned the property in the 1970s. It was filmed in North Carolina.

Sutcliffe told The Providence Journal that since the movie came out, people have trespassed on her property, posted her family’s personal information on the Internet and bothered her neighbors.

Sutcliffe says she doesn’t believe her house is haunted by ghosts or spirits.

Andrea Perron, who lived in the home as a child, says her family experienced an “extreme haunting” by an evil spirit at the house.

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