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Don’t blame us for this one – the National Weather Service is expecting a classic New England weather cycle today

Hazardous Weather Outlook: Thunder, Hail, and 80 Degrees?

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The storm is expected to bring blizzards, flooding conditions and massive snowfall to many areas of the eastern part of the country

A runner passes the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue during the storm on Friday.

Snowstorm threatens East Coast; D.C., Baltimore under blizzard warnings

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Top Recorded Snow Falls

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Ice falls through car window 

CHELSEA, Mass. —Falling ice smashed through a car’s window and closed a street in Chelsea on Sunday.

Watch report | See photos of ice, broken window

Police closed 2nd Street between Broadway and Cherry Street because of dangerous ice, officials said.

Residents were also being warned about the ice hazard, police said.

November 12, 1913: Great Lakes storm batters Greater Cleveland


Anyone who has lived in the Northeast for the past 30 years will probably remember Hurricane Gloria. These photos show the damage that was done to the region 27 years ago today: