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Lisa Kashinsky, Wicked Local

The Steamship Authority temporarily suspended ferry service for Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket due to high winds and rough seas. 

Jim Lokay/WCVB

MARSHFIELD, Mass. —The harbormaster’s department saved a boat from sinking in Green Harbor Wednesday morning in strong winds and choppy seas, Wicked Local reported.

A 33-foot lobster boat, the Tracy-Jeanne, was moored with its stern facing the elements and began taking on water, according to Harbormaster Michael DiMeo.

“The water was hitting the stern and splashing over onto the deck,” DiMeo said. “As a couple of hours went by it was noticeable.”

The boat’s owner, William Dixon, had checked his vessel before 8 a.m. The harbormaster’s office monitored the boat throughout the morning and, after a fisherman came in to report the boat, they called Dixon back down around 11 a.m.

DiMeo took Dixon out to his vessel on the new harbormaster’s boat, along with de-watering pumps. Dixon went onboard, turned his boat on, and began pumping the water out with his own equipment and the harbormaster’s pumps.

“It took about 50 minutes to an hour to pump the water out,” DiMeo said. “We were able to get out there and it was quite windy. We were able to assist him and luckily his vessel didn’t sink.”

Dixon was able to turn his boat so the bow was facing the wind and seas.

“He was very thankful and appreciative,” DiMeo said. “Unfortunately it probably would not have had to happen had he been facing his bow into the seas.”