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Life has continued to bring me a mix of good and bad. The good is a loving family who is healthy for the most part. The bad is hearing of loved ones lost.

Last night one of the worst things that could have ever happened to me happened. While checking on Facebook updates last night an old high school friend sent me a message saying that we needed to talk. I messaged her with my phone numbers and waited to hear back from her. I got off from Facebook and returned to spending time with my family. My husband was fast asleep as was the rest of the house when I returned to Facebook to see if my friend had sent any further information, she had not. So I started reading the status feeds. To my horror, I came across a message from my friend saying good-bye to our mutual friend who I had wished a happy birthday to after receiving a Facebook Alert for her birthday. I immediately broke out into hysterical tears at even just the idea of our friend being gone. I started to search the internet for her obituary. To my extreme horror I came across an article outlining the story of her murder. I was enraged! Angry because I was so happy to have talked to Tanya again after so many years of falling out of touch after my 30th birthday party. There was a small group of us that were close friends as we had all taken dance class together at Brookline High School. We remained in contact with one another through the years with some spots here and there.  I had planned to come see Tanya back on November 1st, but there was some shooting that happened around her area and we decided to wait until things cooled down a little bit before taking our kids for a visit. We spoke a few more times before the holiday and to my disappointment fell out of touch, which is why I had no idea that she had passed. The most troubling for me is that we had spoken of the man accused of killing her.  She left out some details in that she had taken this young man in off the street, which is something I had done. Tanya and I were a lot alike as was our other friends in the group. That’s what brought us together. We all connected on many levels. As I write this message, my stomach is turning with such anger and resentment for the man (John Devine of Marblehead) that took the life of my friend. I will be forever be left with the words from our last conversations where she spoke so lovingly of the man who beat her to death. My heart truly goes out to Tanya’s sister (Sabrina Joyce). I remember that Tanya’s parents (Leon and Doris (Mallouf) Nichols) had both already passed on. I’m only glad that they did not have seen or hear of their daughters torment and murder. Now at least they are reunited. Today’s lesson, don’t let time erase your memories nor the bonds of your friendships. Stay close to those who hold meaning in your life always letting them know that they matter. Once they are gone, it’s too late!

All is will be well in just another day in the life of ME!© By Felina Silver Robinson

Quite some time has passed since last I found time to write to you. Life has its ways of running you instead of your running it. Today I have the urge to speak about relationships. In my life, I’ve had many friends, lots of acquaintances and of course we all have family. There are those we can trust and others that we can’t. No matter how much time we spend with people, no matter how many years pass the truth is we will never know all we could know about anyone in our lives. The things that draw us to one another initially can be the very thing that tears our relationship down later on. Secrets, disloyalty, lies, and abusive behavior whether it be verbal, physical or emotional are all the tools that each person to destroy their relationships. Each one of us have our breaking points for what we are willing to take or put up with. We are all told that compromising is a part of every successful relationship. This is most often true, however reality teaches all of us that there are many people out there that take advantage of compromising to the point where they no longer want to compromise and thus all of their relationships start to break down one by one.

Sometimes people are fighting within themselves holding on to the tragedies of their past. Not letting go of past events and not forgiving others for the pain they have caused you truly gets in the way of your being able to live your life the way you need to live it. I purposefully did not say “want to live it”, because the reality is, that we shouldn’t always base our lives off of what we want. It’s more important to look at what we need both from our lives as well as in our lives. I’m certain without the combination, you won’t end up happy. Everyone I know that has not processed through their tragedies no matter how major or minor has not been able to move forward in their lives. It hurts me deeply to see this. So many people I know rant their anger and frustration all over Facebook. I’m almost certain that if they were able to work through their feelings they wouldn’t be making destructive decisions that can ultimately damage their working career down the line or the relationships that they have with their peers.

Pain must be processed and not pushed aside. The results can be life altering. Why give into destruction when healing actually benefits you and everyone in your life? Speaking from experience, I can honestly say it’s definitely better to process the pain.  You don’t forget the things that have happened. You just move on. But you can’t move on until you’ve done something with the pain.

Enough said.  Time to prepare for a slumber party involving 6 teenage girls.  All is well in just another day in the life of ME!© By Felina Silver Robinson

By Felina Silver Robinson

Oh what A day it has been. The morning was as crazy as ever. It saddened me to hear about the train crashing into the SUV stuck on the track and then the Shooting in Bourne involving 3 Coast Guards. I was happy to have a reason to stop watching the news having to make four lunches and making sure that Lea put the finishing touches on her Social Studies project for her presentation first period this morning. I was so proud of her for how hard she worked. Everyone made it to school time despite the craziness on the road.  It’s still beyond me how people have the nerve to be speeding on the streets when it is obvious just how dangerous it is. Not only that, kids are walking in the streets because they can’t get onto the sidewalks. What was nice is the town overnight did manage to widen some of the streets, but still didn’t open the sidewalks from the streets making it so that people are still left to walk in the streets. There are signs on our street asking that no one park on the streets due to scheduled snow removal. Unfortunately it has not yet been done. Hopefully it will occur overnight. We shall see.

I rushed to get household chores done before having to drop my son off at work only to pick up Jasmine from High School to take her for her MRI. Seth arrived to work early (sorry Seth) and we made it early to Jasmine’s appointment. Getting there wasn’t that bad either. For the first time the valet service was quite timely. Thank you, Valet! As for Jasmine, here MRI was negative. I’m glad about that, but it doesn’t help with the problem. So the Dr. is diagnosing her problem as Tympanic Membrane Neuralgia. The Dr. says she has quite a number of patients who suffers from that and it is not as uncommon as one might think. It’s good to know that we are not alone, but it doesn’t really bring me nor Jasmine comfort. We will follow the regimen suggested for the next 3 weeks touch base with the Dr. and let her know how Jasmine is doing. Meanwhile Jasmine is in agony and blaming herself for her condition. To think this all started with an ear infection back in July. Sometimes medicine can be numbing and frustrating.

While we enjoy dinner there is a sense of relief as the second quarter ends and the girls prepare for tomorrow’s start of the new quarter. Ariana, the older twin isn’t happy to be starting a 7:30am Z block Health and Fitness class, which means she will have the first shower every weekday for the rest of this school year. What a drag for her. We spoke of summer vacation trying to hide from the fact that more snow is on the way. Soon, the snow will show its daunting face and the reality of the situation will be upon us. For now we enjoy a couple of more days free of forced shoveling.

All is well in just another day in the life of ME!

By Felina Silver Robinson

It’s nice to feel a little bit more like myself. I know I’m feeling better when I get back into cleaning too much. It’s funny, I clean so much that I end up being tired before anyone else even wakes up in the morning. On with the stories of today.

This morning I was shocked when we were piling the girls into the car for school and some insane driver found it necessary to speed down our narrow street filled with snow. The reality is that no one should really be parking on the street. It is a two-way street, but due to all the snow a single car can barely pass. If you add a car on either side its like a mouse trying to find its way out of a difficult maze. Well this “crazy” driver was coming so fast and didn’t even bother to slow down, clipped our drivers side mirror that was only recently replaced after an MBTA bus tore it off. The only good thing is he just clipped it and it didn’t break. Thank goodness the girls got in on the other side or it would not have been a good ending. I will say it again, all on street parking should be banned in residential areas when there is snow on the ground. I don’t want it to be too late and someone dies because of some crazy driver who doesn’t even live in the area.

Despite the scary start to the day, the day was a success as always. The Twins mid-terms were finally completed today in spite of the snow delays. Our youngest has a big social studies project due tomorrow. She’s still putting finishing touches on it. With the night coming to a close, my mind settles on the thought of the Patriots celebratory parade and just how proud we all are to have such an amazing team of athletes working hard for us. I wish I could have been one of the many lucky people to have been there to take part in the celebration. But I did enjoy watching the many videos and clips on the news.

I think about just how lucky we are to live in a place so full of diversity and opportunity to fulfill ones dreams. We have some of the best doctors, amazing scientist, and some outstanding teachers. But most of all, just when we need it, there is a phenomenal sense of community when tragedy strikes. Believe it or not, the sense of community is actually a permanent fixture. This is why we are “Boston Strong.” All is well in just another day in the life of ME!

By Felina Silver Robinson

Snow has consumed my life as of late. Because of snow I am now sick from what I believe to be Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, a car was running while I was shoveling in front of my house and because it was so cold out when it was hard to keep my mouth closed all the time. needless to say, I was breathing in the polluted air. Then the wind picked up and it was even harder to breathe due to the windiness.Thankfully, I was able to push through and finish the shoveling. But through the night I was suffering and was and continue to be nauseous, light-headed and unsteady on my feet. The bed has been my friend for a larger part of the day, but of course without sleeping. At this moment I’m neither fond of cars or snow.

The kids made it through their 4th snow day for the year (two days for each storm). Drawing, baking, shoveling, sledding and playing board games and a random movie here and there. I know a lot of other towns have missed a lot more days of school than we have. They still have one more final to go and a final day of the quarter before the new quarter starts on Friday. We are truly grateful that it wasn’t worse. The roads are still a mess. I’m not normally a complainer, but I must say that there definitely needs to be a rule that during snow season no one gets to park on a residential street. Even on a two-way street, there is only enough space for a single car to get by. If someone parks on either or both sides then people can’t pass and they are left to honk their horn until someone comes out to move their car. Then we need to figure out where the snow can be dumped because the plows keep making random snowbanks at the end of people’s driveways then no one can get out of or into them. Fire hydrants dug out by residents get plowed over time and time again. Plowed snow is extremely heavy and harder to move once frozen. We need to have a better system in place. We’ve had more than our fair share of snow and obviously don’t have enough room for it all. But it’s here and we have to deal with and not by dumping it on each other.

Better days are on the horizon, when I’m not sure, but I know they are coming.

For now, I’m going to take it easy  and do what I can.  All is well in just another day in the life of ME!

By Felina Silver Robinson

These last few days have been crazy. So much to do all the time that I often wish I had a double on my side. Self care and family maintenance is a job in itself. Then when you add what you do on a daily basis you have to pick what you think is more important that day hoping that the choices you make are the right ones.

Do you ever wake up and look around the house and decide that everything needs to be different? Well that has been me these last few days for me, so I’ve added unnecessary stress to my pre-existing amount of stress. When I have a lot on my mind or I’m writing stories in my head before I transfer them onto paper, I decide that nothing is right the way that it is so I have to change things around.  After changing my room around earlier in the week, I’ve decided that I must keep continue change things and even now as I type, I’m thinking of what colors to paint the walls throughout the house. It amazes me how I can keep all the thoughts compartmentalized in my brown so that they don’t conflict with any other thoughts going on at the time. How convenient for me.

But I find myself today angry about a couple of things I read online. The first being the piece I read about Comments made by Stacey Dash who is an actress turned Fox News Contributor.She spoke to the recent issues of college frat parties and rape. Her comments upset me and a number of viewers as well. But she was not the only one saying things that shouldn’t have been said. While many may feel “sorry” for college men because all the protections are made for women, the fact is that no man should decide that the right time to try to make a move on a female young or old, is when they are inebriated. As for a female being able to handle her alcohol, sometimes we start thinking that we can handle things that end up being bigger than we thought they would be. In the end, when it turns out that we can’t handle them, the situation should not then become an open invitation for bad things to happen. There are no excuses for anyone to take things that they know really shouldn’t be taken. All college students should be able to attend parties. Females have just as much of a right to have a good time as men do.

The second story is that has me even madder is that of the a 3-year-old Albuquerque boy who found his mother’s gun and wounded both his parents with a single shot. I need someone to explain to me just how the scenario of a young child gaining access to a gun and accidentally shooting someone can continuously happen? There should never be any type of deadly weapon around any child especially not a gun. I’m so grateful that the child will not have the real trauma of knowing that he killed his parents. However, someday, he will know that he did shoot them. This won’t set well. This is an unnecessary trauma for this child to have experienced.

Enough negativity for one day. In an effort to cheer myself up, I searched YouTube for Super Bowl commercials and just had to share them with everyone so they could laugh the same way I did. Let me tell you, it takes a lot to get me to laugh, it was worth the energy and the pain from both laughing and being close to tears. Now I’m close to tears of excitement because our New England Patriots came out on top as the winners! Now everyone can make it home safely before the snow starts falling.

On a happy note, I’m so happy to share some of my daughters cartoon art work.

IMG_1338 IMG_1336 IMG_1349

IMG_1347 IMG_1334 IMG_1345


Proud of the talents of my 14-year-old.

All is well in just another day in the life of ME!

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