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Patriots to play winner of Steelers/Broncos game

Bill Belichick’s team is undefeated and unstoppable – and now they head to Indianapolis, looking to trump their ‘Deflategate’ foes


by Felina Silver Robinson


After reading the full article released by ESPN today “Spygate to Deflategate: Inside what split the NFL and Patriots apart” I find myself wondering exactly why there has never been such scrutiny used on any of the other 31 teams in the NFL. Why have the New England Patriots always been the target of every and anything that went bad in the league? Maybe someone should spearhead a movement to pick apart each and every team out there. We know that this would never happen because they need all eyes on a single team, why not make it the team that deemed as the best out there, at least at the moment in their eyes. I’m certain everyone knows that it is more than highly probable that each team has done things they regret, done things they knew were against the rules and are both thankful and grateful they didn’t get caught doing. We further know that referees have chosen to pick on the patriots in regular season as well as during the playoff season, costing them many a goal or games just because they hate them.

It’s obvious that “Patriots Haters” are nothing more than bullies. They’ve chosen to make it their life’s goal to do whatever possible to make sure that no one sees the New England Patriots for the hard-working, talented team players that they are. The likes of Roger Goodell cares only about his paycheck and those who give it to him. Just remember that people can’t climb to the top on their own. There are many others that help them get there. If it’s truly believed that there were any improprieties made by Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, or Robert Kraft, especially over three championships so close together, than you know someone outside of the New England Patriots clan had to be helping them get there. But we all know that they aren’t cheaters and that once a hater, always a hater is at play here. Chaos, revenge and greed do make great food to feed the media’s appetite.

NFL to appeal decision to ‘protect integrity’ of game

Tom Brady suspended; Patriots fined, lose draft picks over Deflategate controversy

Tom Brady & Robert Kraft

Report: Brady ‘at least generally aware’ of deflated game balls

Tom Brady

Text messages indicate Brady aware of deflating of footballs, NFL finds

By Felina Silver Robinson

The house was subdued throughout the afternoon and evening yesterday, despite the fact that our younger twin remains ill from her horrendously painful ear trauma. I hate having to sit by waiting for an MRI giving her ear drops and pain medicine. I wish I was magical and could relieve her pain with just my touch.

I felt so alone during the night as everyone else was able to sleep and I sat listening to the sounds of the night wondering how many others sit up in their beds just like me. The hours quickly melted away and I experience another great morning of synchronicity with the girls. Maybe it was knowing that it’s Friday and they have the weekend to look forward to. Time to do as one likes is everything, especially when you are young at heart.

It felt great to get back to exercising today. Boy what a difference a day really makes.  You wouldn’t think that your body would make you pay as much as it does for missing 24 hours without exercise, but I noticed it. I’m sure it’s because I need more time to whip my body back into shape. I’m on my way and I will keep moving forward no matter the pain. I put 5,543 steps behind me topped off by 15 minutes of yoga, I hope my body is happy. 

On my mind today continues to be the “deflation” issue that the New England Patriots are suffering through. This entire situation is just ridiculous. I’m certain that everyone knows that the Patriots don’t need to deflate footballs to win the AFC Championship. This was certainly not their first attempt to get there and I’m certain it won’t be their last. I just wonder why the Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, didn’t initially state that he didn’t notice any difference in the ball he intercepted during last weeks game with the Patriots. Why hold on to that statement for later? I hope that in the end it turns out to be the cold weather that deflated the balls and that neither team had anything to do with the “deflation” of the Patriots footballs.  Let the Patriots enjoy their success and move forward with the task at hand, preparing to play against the Seattle Seahawks in the upcoming match-up.

Writing seemed to go with such ease today. It’s easier when you have the story(ies) all stored neatly in your head. It’s just a matter of organizing your thoughts and committing to transferring the information onto the computer.

Moving on. I plan to spend tomorrow rearranging the room that my husband and I share so I’ve spent hours visualizing what makes the most sense. This will be a massive project. The things I get myself into. Unfortunately, I don’t every seem to be happy unless I’m changing something around at home or in my writing. This is what makes me happy outside of cooking good food. Speaking of which, my daughter asked me to make chocolate chip cookies two nights in a row including last night, so I did. Whatever I can do to make someone else happy, especially my family, I will do.

Life is good. Even when we don’t get all that we hope for.  I wish better luck next time to my 14-year-old daughter (the older twin) who is the time-keeper for the Freshman girls basketball team at Brookline High School, and the rest of the team. BHS lost today’s game by 3 points to Dedham High School with a final score of 27 (Dedham) 24 (BHS)..

Just another day in the life of ME!


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Tom Brady