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Dombey and Son, by Charles Dickens

No Regrets Will Be Found Here© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

I don’t want the things that everyone else has

I want what I need

And that is you

I don’t want the things that no one wants to give me

Because I will always work hard to get what I need

I don’t want to cry because I can’t change the world

I will accept what can’t be changed

But will try to change what can be

I don’t want to have days where I stand alone without loved ones

Because I didn’t make time for them

Because I wouldn’t make time for them

I don’t want to live with with a broken heart

Knowing that I could change everything

Before it’s too late

My life won’t be riddled with regret

I may be blind

But I can still see you with every touch

Every line

Every dimple

Every smile

Every frown

I feel your heart race when you lay next to me

I hear your pulse raise when you nestle in my arms

I hear your heart break when you think you are no longer mine

I know your pain when it’s time for us to part

I don’t have to see you

To need you

I don’t have to see you

To know I could lose everything

My biggest fear is that you will stop loving me

Because I can’t see you

And you fear that I will leave you

Just know

That my heart will always be yours

I don’t have to see you to need you© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson


My name was unknown

I sat in a corner and I wept

I laird my clothing because

My scars were all you could see

I feared you’d follow my every move

My direction was unclear

Nothing and no one was there to help me

Leaving my needs unmet

Nothing I wanted could be obtained

Making it seem that my desires were unimportant

No one wanted or needed my advice or savvy

Causing my knowledge and skills to be underutilized


In spite of everything

I’ve left all behind

Those who need to know my name do

There is no hint of emotional or physical scaring

I have found both my way and my voice

There is no need that hasn’t been met

All my hopes have now been realized


My knowledge has helped to heal many

Thank you for my new lease on life

Yesterday Is Gone, Today Is Here To Stay© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

Be True To Thyself©

My Poem of the Day


Be true to thyself for
We are not what people see
But we are the things that we do
We can only become something better
If we are willing to accept ourselves
And change the flaws we find that come from within
Flaws are not what others think they are
But what they know within themselves is wrong
And only judge others by what they see wrong inside themselves
Wanting only for us to become what they are
We wouldn’t be ourselves if we were always desiring to be someone else

Up Where I Belong©

My Poem of the Day


Into the light I climb

No longer fearing where I’m going

knowing that you’ll be there to guide me

Everyone that I’ve lost will be there to greet me

Homeward bound I’m going

Now happy as can be

Someday joined by all the others I love

Peaceful, blissful happiness ahead

Thanks for leading me up where I belong

What I Fear©

My Poem of the Day


I fear that people are not willing to change

They will feel they are too old to learn something new

People fear that change will make them someone other than who they are now

If people don’t make things better

I fear that the sun will no longer shine

I fear that warmth will be no more and

That the darkness will become our blanket

And that people will turn to soulless, unfeeling robots

That no longer think and only follow directions from their leader

For fear of being banished to place even darker than where they now call home

But then I realize that fear is the gate that keeps me from all the things I want

And that I must bust through the gate and cast all fear aside

I will reach for all I hope to gain from life in this place I know as home

It’s Happening All Around Me©

My Poem of the Day


I don’t want to go to school for fear someone will shoot me

No metal detectors can stop them

They know how to get past them

I don’t want to go to a mall because someone might shoot me

In the restroom, maybe the garage or it might just be the elevator

I’m afraid to go to watch a marathon

because it’s already been proven that they’re not safe

This is my home and I don’t like what’s happening all around me

A boy died in a drive by shooting mistaken for his uncle

A girl died in her bed when a gun fired and shot through both her living room and then her bedroom

Leaving the bullet lodged directly in her heart

A nine-year old boy happily playing on his porch shot to death in a drive-by aiming at the wrong house

This is no way for anyone to live

So we must clean up our act

And have a plan of attack

So we are no longer the mistaken target

This can no longer go on around me!

What I See When I’m Sleeping©

My Poem of the Day


When I sleep, I’m in a glorious place

You can hold my hand with no one squawking

It doesn’t matter that my hair isn’t like everyone elses

Everyone knows and understands the value that each of us have

The heavens embrace all that each and every one of us has to offer

When I sleep, I’m at peace

I don’t worry about the war that people unnecessarily suffer through

or the rights that the innocent have to fight for

I don’t worry about the disease that plagues so many nor do I fear how the environment is changing

But sadly upon my waking all of this rushes in

and I pray upon praying

That there will be peace and resolve for all

That we will all come to see the same things

Realize the value and benefit of one another


Work together to cure disease and better our environment

In the end, this one place is here for all of us

I am certain this is true for I know that we wouldn’t all be here