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My heart is broken,’ Walsh said


Fire burning on West 7th Street

Randi Satz/WCVB


Police are looking for the suspect who they said threw a Molotov cocktail through a home’s window in South Boston


Victim identified as Maurice Scott, 38, of South Boston

Male victim shot multiple times on Columbia Road Saturday evening

Girl tells police man apologized, walked away

Boston Police Flashing Police Lights

Infected pool found in South Boston this week


Hand-held saw recovered at scene


Cracks in the Foundation

Today we woke up determined to

make a visit to one of our favorite places

Is has several names

Castle Island

Pleasure Bay

Fort Independence

To us it’s the place we go

At least 3 times a year or more

Sometimes we count:

Each step we take

Each boat we see

Each dog that barks

Each child we hear

Each seagull that flies overhead

Each plane that takes off

Each plane that lands

Each car that comes

Each car that goes

But the most fun thing to count

Are the cracks in the foundation

Ants scurry to and fro

Weeds sprout all about

And sometimes we sneak a peek at what lies beneath

Suddenly its time to go

So the last place to go

Is for fro yo at the main gate

We lick, lick, lick

As the clock tick, tick,ticks

Counting the time that’s passed

And the time that’s left

Next time won’t you be our guest?

Copyright 2014 Cracks in the Foundation©

Please watch the 5:30 video we made (see below).

Credits show when the cracks in the foundation end,

but after the credits roll you will see a compilation of our visits to Castle Island

over the last four years. I hope you enjoy it.

Assault rifle found in home, police say