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Todd Palin injured in snow machine crash, Sarah Palin cancels Trump events


Joshua Carlson riding off designated trail in Pittsburg

PITTSBURG, N.H. — Authorities say a Concord man was seriously injured when he fell off his snowmobile in northern New Hampshire and ended up with a stick stuck in his head.

New Hampshire Fish and Game says 34-year-old Joshua Carlson was riding off a designated trail in Pittsburg Saturday afternoon when he fell off the snowmobile and struck a tree. He was taken to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Officials say carelessness and environmental factors appear to have played a role, and they remind residents that it is illegal to ride off designated trails.

Speed, alcohol may be factors in crash
Snowmobile weekend

BARNSTEAD, N.H. — Investigators said speed and alcohol may have been factors in a Dover man’s death on a private snowmobile trail early Saturday morning.

Fish and Game said Aaron E. Brown, 37, was operating a snowmobile around a small pond on Province Road at 1:15 a.m. when he quickly sped up near the top of a dam. He lost control, slamming into several trees.

Authorities said he was wearing a helmet, but it did not save his life. One of his friends, who was on another snowmobile, was nearby.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officers were called to the scene, along with the Barnstead police and fire departments and State Medical Examiner’s Office.

They said the accident remains under investigation, but are looking at speed and alcohol as contributing factors in the death.

James Atwood injured in Twin Mountain
Tree impales snowmobile, throwing rider

TWIN MOUNTAIN, N.H. — A specialized rescue sled pulled a Milford, N.H., man to safety Saturday evening, after a fallen treetop went right through his snowmobile.

James Atwood was riding on Trail 102 in Twin Mountain when he hit a treetop next to the trail, wildlife officials said. The wood impaled the machine and threw Atwood off the snowmobile.

His riding partners called for help, but it took a combination of snowmobiles and the sled to reach Atwood, who was more than 1 mile east of Route 3. Rescuers pulled Atwood to a trailhead in the Zealand area, where an ambulance crew picked him up and took him to Littleton Regional Hospital.

Atwood’s father said the 24-year-old was just banged up and was released from the hospital Saturday night.

Officials are still investigating the crash, but said speed likely played a part.

Speed named likely factor in 2 of 3 accidents, officials say

WASHINGTON, N.H. — Friday into Saturday, New Hampshire Fish and Game conservation officers responded to reports of multiple snowmobile accidents, one resulting in a death.

Officials say Peter Kavalauskas, 62, of Dover was riding with his son and a friend early Saturday morning on Millen Pond in Washington when he lost control of his snowmobile.

According to police, Kavalauskas crashed into the shoreline at the north end of Millen Lake near Camp Morgan Lodge.

Kavalauskas was pronounced dead at the scene.

The accident is still under investigation. Speed does appear to be a factor.

At approximately 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Winchester police and fire officials, along with New Hampshire Fish and Game, responded to a report of an accident on Old Wesport Road.

Police say Michael Rouleau, 51, was seriously hurt after crashing his snowmobile in a field across from a trail.

Speed did contribute to the accident. Rouleau is expected to be OK.

Then, a Lyndeborogh woman was arrested on suspicion of driving a snowmobile while drunk.

Fish and Game were called to Brookline late Friday night around 11 after Eva Brumleve, 39, crashed a snowmobile into a tree.

Brumleve was taken to a local hospital with serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

Officials are asking everyone to be extra careful while participating in winter, outdoor activities. Safety should be everyone’s top priority.

Leonardo V. Rodrigues crashed into parked vehicle

Maine Warden Service

BRYON, Maine — An Everett man was killed in Byron, Maine Friday night when his snowmobile crashed into a parked vehicle, the Maine Warden Service said.

Leonardo V. Rodrigues, 34, and other snowmobilers were traveling on a private road when the crash occurred.  Rodrigues was taken to Central Maine Medical Center by medical helicopter where he later died of his injuries.

A second man in the party of snowmobilers, William Ashmore Jr., 39, of Boston, was charged with operating a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol.

Snowmobiler lost control, broke leg


MEXICO, Maine —A Maine man crawled 2 1/2 miles in below-freezing temperatures to get help after breaking his leg in a snowmobiling accident.

Nicholas Brown says it took him more than six hours to crawl down a hill in Mexico last week to get to a friend’s house.

The 57-year-old Brown tells the Sun Journal he had gone to his snowmobiling club’s clubhouse last Thursday to leave membership applications and maps.

He lost control on some ice on his way home at about 9 p.m. and broke his leg.

He didn’t have a cellphone, so he used his elbows to crawl on his belly a mile and a half to a road. Then he got up on his hands and knees to crawl, arriving at the friend’s home at 3:30 a.m. Friday.