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Hunting licenses not yet available on phones

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1. A ‘ghost town’ created in the U.S., with a little help from Canadian oil wealth

A 'ghost town' created in the U.S., with a little help from Canadian oil wealth

2. Lost in an acid sea: A fish’s sense of smell

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3. A Wild Idea: Making Our Smartphones Last Longer

4. UN Climate Report Charts Ways to Halt Global Warming

Greenhouse gas emissions need sharp cuts by mid-century to dodge dangerous global warming.

Photo of the Temelin nuclear power plant near Temelin, Czech Republic.

5. A new DOE proposal would cement a big leap in lighting efficiency, but Congress is preventing even bigger savings


Expert explains best fitness-themed apps 

BOSTON — Apple may have trademarked the now-iconic phrase “there’s an app for that,” but the surge of fitness-themed applications for all smartphones are proving that may be true.

Several free apps for iOS and Android devices are on the market, allowing users to help keep New Year’s resolutions, whether it be a commitment to working out more to curbing calorie intake, to kicking the habit.

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AT&T’s Amy McCartney demonstrated a few of the apps with the EyeOpener’s Jim Lokay.

Smartphone Apps Can Help You Keep Your Fitness Resolutions:

(All apps are free.)

– Runkeeper: The app is great for new and accomplished runners alike. It allows you to keep track of your runs, personal bests and calories burned. (It’s available for both IOS and Android users.)

– Quit for Life: This American Cancer Society app can help those trying to quit smoking. It show you how much money you’ve saved by not smoking, and explains the health benefits of quitting. (It is available to both IOS andAndroid users.)

– Daily Yoga (All-in-One): This yoga coaching app features more than 45 yoga sessions and more than 300 poses. (It is available for IOS and Android users.)

– Healthy Recipes: This app is for IOS and Android users. It features more than 450,000 recipes that will help you eat healthier.

– My Pregnancy Today: This is a great app for moms-to-be! It answers lots of questions for new moms, including what’s safe to do (or eat) during your pregnancy, and even gives you timely information about all the stages of your pregnancy. (Available for both IOS and Android users.)

‘Apple Picking’ targets Red Line riders, police say

BOSTON —The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority is warning its riders about a rash of thefts of electronic devices since the beginning of the year.

The thefts, called ‘Apple Picking’ by authorities, generally target iPhones and other Apple products, police said.

Red Line riders have seen the largest number of thefts – 15 of the 25 reported to transit police since Jan 1.

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MBTA riders are being warned to avoid using their smartphones and to conceal the devices and other electronic equipment and, in the case of Apple products, to change the color of their ear buds because “would-be thieves look for the distinctive white ear plugs of Apple.”

Most thefts occur near the train doors just as the train enters the station, police said.