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Black Friday©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

While you sleep snugly in your beds

Those dedicated to the cause of getting the best holiday shopping prices

Camp out at every store offering a sale

Some pop a tent

Some bring lounge chairs

It doesn’t matter if there is rain or snow

It could be freezing, they care not

They came ready with plenty of hot cocoa, coffee or tea

Anyone join me for a coffee run

They might have a yummy warm pretzel if you are lucky

Don’t try to cut someone in line

You might not be able to walk away from that

Don’t waste time play, tug of war for a sale item

It will get broken and you’ll both be chipping in to replace it.

These people don’t mean to be violent

They just work hard fighting to be one of the first inside

Once the doors open, if you survive the mad dash

You better be ready and know what direction you’re going or

You might end up eating the floor for breakfast

Every store tries to do the other out by offering better deals

Sometimes they just don’t have what you want and

You rush off to the next place

Believe it or not some people go just to watch others shop

You can’t go to bed without saying you did something in some way to take part in black friday

Even if it’s just reading or writing about it

Personally, I prefer to sit here on my lap top and ordering all I need online!

I don’t like crowds, but I love the sound of clicking keys.

I hope you’ve fully enjoyed your Black Friday Camping and Shopping Event of 2013

Until Next Year!


Black Friday© was written by

Felina Silver Robinson on 11/29/13

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