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So I’ve learned that Sgt. Sean Murphy has been put on restrictive duty while the investigation is underway. I would like to wish Sgt. Sean Murphy as he is investigated for releasing pictures of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s capture  in Charlestown. The crime scene photographer for the Massachusetts State Troopers did this in anger after seeing the cover that The Rolling Stone magazine decided to use of Tsarnaev on the cover of their August issue. Many of us, including myself, are upset by the Magazines decision to use such an innocent looking picture of Tsarnaev instead of the criminal that he is. Many of us lost something the day the bombing occurred. Some lost more than others. Things will never be the same, but we must move on. Moving on is hard to do when people make poor choices of how depict the criminals of the world. It’s like a box of salt being poured on the wounds of each injured person when they see the picture on the cover of The Rolling Stone. It’s my hope that who ever is deciding the fate of Sgt. Sean Murphy puts themselves in his shoes and those of all those victimized by a terrorist. Murphy’s action did not draw blood, they did not cause any bodily harm or destruction of property, nor did it take away anyone’s ability to feel safe. I hope that despite his not obtaining permission to release the photos that Sgt. Sean Murphy is able to keep his job. I support you Sgt. Sean Murphy!