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Beach closed briefly after reported sighting

Windows broken by massive waves

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UPS delivers drone parts to wrong address

Coastal flood warning issued by National Weather Service

SCITUATE, Mass. —Voluntary evacuations were recommended in Duxbury and Scituate Friday as the South Shore of Massachusetts and Cape Cod saw crashing waves coming over seawalls during the third flooding tide of the storm.

In Scituate, the neighborhood around Oceanside Drive between Sixth and Seventh  Streets was flooded by the blizzard-driven waves.   Police Chief Mike Stewart said there were no plans to evacuate, even as waves continued to crash over the seawall turning the neighborhood into a lake several hours after high tide.

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“This is just moderate flooding,” said Stewart.  “We’ve seen much worse.”

“A number of people have left the area, but a number have stayed there,” said Town Administrator Patricia Vinchesi. “They know what these storms can do and ride it out.”

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“There was one request to rescue a family in Duxbury.  A number of homes were surrounded by water,” said Gov. Deval Patrick, adding that flooding was also reported on the North Shore in Salisbury and Newburyport

In Cohassest, several roads, including Border Street, Margin Street and parts of Jerusalem Road, went under water for more than an hour Friday.

Late Thursday night, there was significant flooding in Duxbury at Plymouth Avenue and Gurnett Road due to a sea wall break near Marshfield border, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency said.

At 12:20 p.m.; the intersection of Front Street and First Parish Road near Scituate Harbor was flooded, our news partners at the Patriot Ledger reported. There was a “road closed” sign on nearby Edward Foster Road, but some drivers were ignoring the sign and driving through the icy water.

In Marshfield, Jennifer Rooney said her family was hunkered down in their Foster Avenue cottage watching the waves crashing over the sea wall and into her yard Friday afternoon.

“It’s just getting worse,” she said. “Supposedly, the tide should be receding, but the waves are still crashing over the wall.”

3.75-acre private island in Briggs Harbor off Minot Beach for sale

SCITUATE, Mass. —Looking for the perfect gift for the adventurous person on your holiday shopping list?

How about a 3.75-acre private island in Briggs Harbor off Minot Beach?

The Patriot Leger reported that Horse Island has been in the DiGiacomantonio family since the 1950s, when Dominic, a local developer, bought it for $5,000 as a Christmas gift for his wife.

The gift was so unusual that the couple’s daughter, Elaine, entered it into a Florida radio station’s contest for most unique Christmas gift, and she won.

“The station went as far as to call Scituate to make sure it wasn’t a lie,” said DiGiacomantonio. “I got a tape recorder, which at that time in the 1950s was a big thing.”

But Dominic DiGiacomantonio fell ill and died before his plans to build on the island were realized, and when his wife died in 2002, she had never set foot on her personal enclave.

Now Elaine DiGiacomantonio, of Holliston, is selling the island after buying it from her parents’ estate in 2002.

“I purchased it from the estate because my sister is in Florida and she didn’t want it,” DiGiacomantonio said. “I’d like to see someone do something nice with it.”

Listed at $849,900 by Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty, the island of cedars, wild blueberry bushes and granite outcrops is accessible by boat during high tide and by foot over areas of the marsh during low tide. The land is assessed at $5,900 and, like several nearby islands, is identified as 0 Glades Road in Scituate.

Liz Roberts, the listing agent for the property, said it is zoned for residential building and is divided into two parcels.

DiGiacomantonio put the island up for sale in 2008 for $750,000, but later took it off the market because of the poor economy.


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