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So the girls were bored and decided to clean our car inside and out.

Before they were done their last touch was their special rainbow car wash given with love.


After the rain washes away all that’s wrong in the world for just a brief while

The sky is suddenly lit brightly with the most amazing double rainbows

It makes you stop and wonder why, just why have you graced us with your beauty?

What have we done to deserve you?

Your beauty is so mesmerizing, it makes all who see you, think all is right with the world

We now think we must strive to keep things in check hoping that you will grace us with your presence

We eagerly await you, oh sweet, beautiful one, my one and only double rainbow.

For more information on the history and meaning of a double rainbow, visit:

Greater Boston, MA has been fortunate enough to see two double rainbows in the same month.  On July 13th and July 26, 2013.  What a beautiful sight to see, but it makes you stop and wonder why.