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Is the full moon really pink, and how will it affect the Lyrids Meteor Shower peak?

'Pink Moon' v. Lyrids Meteor Shower: Peak Dates

Image credit: Nike Lewinski via Flickr / Creative Commons

Up to 120 meteors per hour are expected to flash across the skies as the Geminids peak on Sunday night into Monday morning, according to NASA.

Sighting of meteor reported from Maine to South Carolina

Tina Gilmore Greene

BOSTON — Hundreds of residents from Maine to South Carolina reported seeing a meteor streaking across the sky Sunday night, according to the American Meteorological Society.

While there was no immediate confirmation, reports of a green fireball were reported by drivers on Routes 128 and 495 in Massachusetts just after 5 p.m.

“Just saw a meteor over the Blue Hills in Milton,” posted one user to Twitter.

“(I was) traveling north on 495 in Middleborough (and) saw ball of fire shoot across sky,” a visitor wrote in an email.

Other reports came from Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  There were also reported sightings in Europe.