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Yesterday I heard on the news that the Florida school board is considering a dress code for parents when dropping their children off on school property.  I certainly agree that their should be a set of standards that the educational system expects from both their students as well as their families.  However, instituting a dress code for parents is pushing things a little too far.  I think that a letter from the principal or even the school superintendent stating that anyone working at or visiting any school within a particular school system, must wear the appropriate attire on school property.  This would include all children, parents, visitors, and staff.

It’s always best not to do things that may possibly alienate any one group or class of people. You may end up losing individuals that were willing to participate in school run activities. I certainly agree and have seen that there are parents, children, teachers and visitors that still don less than appropriate attire on school property. However, it is important that messages such as this be meant for all those utilizing the space in question.  It is not appropriate to single out any one or two groups of people.

I’m almost certain that every school has at least a set of expectations of what staff and students should and should not wear when on school property. It would also be helpful to remind families as well as staff via a seminar on “How adult behavior affects child behavior”, highlighting things such as dress, vocabulary, and behavior.  All of these things are important as they can cause friction within the students peer relationships as well as how students interact with adults who they may have little or no respect for because they too don’t dress or act appropriately. These types of problems are not usually just occurring based on daily family life, it’s based on daily interactions altogether.

Sometimes when you sit in the big seat it is easier to assume that parents are the only problem, but if we are all honest with ourselves, we will realize that problems as big as these may be caused by all of us.