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No change made to church doctrine

1. The Ugliness of Indian-on-Indian Racism

2. Travel Destination! Majestic Mountain Loop Wins Prestigious 2014 Poppy Award

3. Same-Sex Marriages: Unrecognized in Navajo Culture, but for How Long?

Courtesy Bosque Redondo 1866/Museum of New Mexico
Image of Navajo same sex couple from the film “Two Spirits” taken in 1866.

4. ICTMN Exclusive: A Conversation With 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee James Anaya

5. Shelly Vetoes Navajo Junk Food Tax


6. Eliminated from ‘American Idol’, Aranesa Turner Keeps on Singing

Photo by Latasha Haynes; source:

7. Tribes are Large Employers & Those Employees Make the Best Customers

8. Lummi Elder Remembers Shirley Temple Black

Lummi Fisheries archives
Shirey Temple visits Lummi aquaculture in early 1970s.

9. Heitkamp: National Report Reinforces Need to Reduce Violent Crimes Against Native Youth

10. College of Muscogee Nation Gets Federal Funding

Beck Design
The College of Muscogee Nation in Okmulgee, Oklahoma is eligible for funding from the Bureau of Indian Education.

11. The First Death by Chocolate

12. Zazzle Removes Offensive Valentine’s Day Products
The retro smoke signal products have been removed by Zazzle.

The Supreme Court has temporarily put gay marriage on hold in Utah, according to The Associated Press.

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