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Man stared at twin sisters, motioned for them to come outside at pizza shop

RAYMOND, N.H. — Investigators in Raymond are searching for a man who reportedly approached twin sisters at a pizza shop, police said.

Police released surveillance images and want to know if anyone else had a similar encounter with the man.

No crime was committed, but police said they are concerned about the man’s behavior. The man stared at the teenagers through a window and motioned for them to come outside, police said.

Around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, parents dropped their 14-year-old daughters at GMS Pizza on Main Street. The adults left to get gas while the twins went inside.

The man was leaving the restaurant when the girls walked in, but turned around and went back, police said.

“(He) said hi to one of the girls then kind of walked across the restaurant, leered at them a little bit, went back outside and when he went back outside, stood by the glass where they were sitting and kind of motioned for them to come out,” said Cpl. Kerry Pomeroy of the Raymond Police Department.

The girls called their parents, who immediately called police. When officers arrived, the man was already gone, police said.

The man is described as being in his 30s and scruffy. He may have been driving a small, black pickup truck.

“We’re interested in finding out who he was and what interest he would have in 14-year-olds,” Pomeroy said. “We’d like to know if anybody else has had similar encounters with this type of person.

Police said the girls did the smart thing by staying inside the restaurant, and their parents did the right thing by reporting the suspicious behavior right away.