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Do you remember where you were and what you were doing on September 11, 2001? I was pregnant ant working on the 13th floor of a government building. large plains were flying by out large, clear glass windows. we were all scared because we didn’t know what was going on. when we found out what was happening, we were more scared.
My kids at home where even more scared because they knew where I worked and that my building could be a target. We were released early from work, but public transportation was shut down and I had to walk from Boston to Brookline. I was never happier when I reached home safely to my family. But then emotionally collapsed knowing all that was going on around me.


27-Year-Old Slain MIT Officer Collier to posthumously be sworn in as a Somerville Police Officer

Being a Somerville police officer was what Collier wanted. Read more on the story here via @WCVB

It’s sad to say, but I had actually forgotten about the horrific tragedy at Fort Hood back in 2009. Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 and wounded 30 plus victims.  He is now uses a wheelchair due to injuries sustained during his reign of terror.  The latest judge on the case, JAG (Judge Advocate General) Col. Tara Osborn has decided that Hasan will be permitted to defend himself during the trial.  He has been cleared by the proper medical staff for this task.

Hasan had hoped to state that he committed this heinous act to protect Islāmic Emirate of Afghanistan and the leadership of the Taliban, including Mullah Mohammad Omar. Judge Osborn will not allow this defense as she could not find any practical threat at that time to anyone in Afghanistan. Hasan forgot that when of his rampage he was a member in the U.S. Army and was in no way entitled to kill ANY U.S. Soldiers or civilians. We will have to wait and see what his defense will end up being.

The question before us is whether it even makes sense to seek the death penalty for Major Hasan.  It’s my personal feeling that If there are practical witnesses to the heinous act that was committed, then that person of course deserves the death penalty.  But deserving it doesn’t always make sense to pursue it. If you know that the process itself is going to take decades to complete, then realistically the idea of all the time and money  that goes into the prosecution of a death penalty and what it does emotionally to the victims and their families seems senseless. The fact however remains that we are looking to punish criminals for the acts that they commit. This is and will remain hard to do when the rights of criminals get in the way of the rights of the innocent. I feel that it doesn’t help the families of the victims to have to live through long drawn out appeals by the accused, attempting to escape their sentence. The survivors and their families and the families of the victims shouldn’t have to lay in wait for decades unable to move past the horrific tragedy they already had to endure.

This is a daunting task before all those involved.  I wish them peace and success.

As the saying goes often “Justice is Blind”.

Trapped inside the shell of my body

We come into this world in a perfect little shell
Full of chances, promises and opportunities
We have to do our best to keep up our outer shell
That’s what people see when they look at us
It’s what they see when they decide…
…decide to befriend us, love us, hire us, learn from us or whether they want to be like us
Treat your shell well because in the end that’s what people will see..
…see when your time is done and they just want to remember you.

I’m curious about why it took about 24 hours before we heard about the shooting of 19-year-old Joseph Morante as he worked on Tremont Street in Boston at a cell phone Company. In light of all that has happened recently about race relations in the George Zimmerman case you would think that the media would try to pay closer attention and report on all cases, giving them each the same amount of coverage as the other. We all mourn the death of young Amy Lord. Thankfully, her killer has already and will swiftly be brought to justice. There are no tickets being sold for a spit in line. This should mean just as much. I certainly hope the media helps the investigating teams find Morante’s killer quickly so that his family can find peace too.

Man shot, killed while working at cellphone store:

Do you think it was wrong for State Trooper, photographer, Sgt. Sean Murphy to release pictures of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev without the permission? I completely understand his anger and frustration. I felt it, and I still feel it. I too agree that people need to see Tsarnaev as depicted in Sgt. Murphy’s photos and not as a teen hearthrob. It would have been appropriate if he was wearing an orange jumpsuit. It needs to be more than clear to the readers of The Rolling Stone Magazine who and exactly what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is and that is a terrorist, a murderer, and a criminal.

Growing up I remember listening to the song “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone” sung by Dr. Hook ( I always expected and eagerly awaited the next months photo featuring the newest band. Historically, the cover always shared  the great many singers, movie stars and other entertainment celebrities featured. Charles Manson made the cover and it was a blow to everyone, but it was the first and only time it happened until the information got out that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was to be on the August cover of The Rolling Stone. It’s ok to want to write about him and what he did, because his actions affected the lives of so many innocent unsuspecting people. His deliberate and heinous acts changed the lives of many forever. However, there is no reason to depict him as some young handsome heartthrob as if he’s just like any other young person out there. The last thing I plan to buy in August is a copy of Te Rolling Stone magazine. Next time maybe they will consider featuring some of the many victims instead if the terrorist. We all have lessons to learn. Hopefully The Rolling Stone Magazine will learn that not everything is about the amount of money you think you might make, because in e end, I think people would pay you just to take it off the issue off the shelves.

A 28-year-old Caucasian Hispanic male vs. a 17 year African-American high school student. Both men lived in the same gated community. Still somehow George Zimmerman still felt unsafe. Likely because Trayvon looked different than he did and therefore must be a danger to him. The statement that “Jurors were told that Mr Zimmerman was allowed to use deadly force when he used his Kel Tec pistol to shoot the unarmed 17-year-old, not only if he actually faced death or bodily harm, but also if he just thought he did.” stated in an article written by Adam Withnall of The Independent newspaper on Monday, July 15, 2013 made my skin crawl.  Imagine how many men, women and children would be dead if people just “thought they were facing death” and therefore shot whoever was before them.  I understand that Zimmerman may have been a part of a neighborhood watch program, but if you see a man just jogging and not carrying anything that he might of use to hurt another person, his clothes are not dirty or covered in blood, what good reason would you have to question him? The only reason George Zimmerman was scared is because he saw an unarmed black man running. Juror B37 would have you believe that race was no way a reason in this case. Put yourself in Trayvon Martin’s place and answer that question again. I’ll be honest, I’ve had my own thoughts and worries about my safety around certain people in certain areas. There is a difference, my thoughts are just thoughts. I never act based on those feelings and I certainly don’t carry a gun. I always give people the benefit of the doubt no matter what the skin color is. We can continue and I know some will, to be angry about all of this, but it won’t change that Trayvon Martin is dead at the age of 17 and George Zimmerman is still alive. George Zimmerman will be given back his gun, the same gun that killed Trayvon Martin.  He will be watching over his shoulder, but I know I will be watching over mine too. Because ignorance has been and will continue to be the biggest killer of all.

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin, and my prayers continue to be with his families and all the families that have lost a member due to racial violence.

All I wanted

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All I wanted…

Was a moment to myself

Time to think

Time to laugh

Time to cry

All I wanted…

was to see you grow

to see you happy

to see you marry

All I wanted…

was to be with the one I love

to never be lonely

to grow old with my partner

to always remember you, to remember us and all that we’ve been.

All I wanted came true

Move past the sins of others

Don’t let their actions change who you are or what you do

Own your beliefs

But pay not for the sins of another

Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices that will go unappreciated

Remember your goals and focus on them

Don’t deter from them

Those who work hard

Those who keep their innocence

Those who the right thing

will be greatly rewarded in time

Don’t worry if appreciation is not immediately noticed.

The reason for honesty is not with the intent to be rewarded.