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Soulless is the creature that kills without thought or regret
Soulless is the mother who discards her child like last nights dinner
Soulless is the teacher who refuses to teach the disabled
Soulless is the owner who refuses to serve someone because of their skin color
Soulless is the man who wears I white sheet and peers through the empty eye sockets and becomes judge, jury, and executioner of the innocent
Soulless are those who care not for the pain that they cause to anyone
Soulless are those that take what doesn’t belong to them
Soulless are those that bite the hand that feeds them

Everyone starts off innocent
Everyone chooses the road they take
I hope you’ve chosen the right road

The police now have a description of the person of interest in the hammer death of the 74-year-old grandfather earlier this week. The hat pictured below was found near the scene.


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Every time we think that crime has taken a break from the sports world another story pops up. Last evening Jared fatal stabbed 27-year-old Jennifer Martel to death. Fortunately, Martel’s child who was also in the home of Jared Remy at the time of the murder, was unharmed and is safe in the custody of the state welfare department. District attorney Marian Ryan stated that Jared Remy was arrested and charged with Martel’s murder. Jared had been arrested on Tuesday for assault and battery, but was released on personal recognizances. Jared Remy is the son of Jerry Remy who is a broadcaster for the Boston Red Sox. Jared had been fired from his job as a Security Officer at Fenway Park in 2009 due to his involvement in a steroid scandal where he had sold drugs to a staffer by the name of Nicholas Cyr. Jared Remy had another arrest in 2005 for assault and battery of a former girlfriend.

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It amazes me that abusive people always seem to stay free so they can kill those they set to to kill. Who is protecting the innocent? Why do criminals continue to have more rights than their victims? Maybe this one slipped through the cracks because his father was a sports broadcaster. I’m suddenly grateful that although my 20 year old has the height and build to play sports that he has no want to do so. We all know that there are criminals all over, but for whatever reason sports seems to have such a large criminal base. Steroids had stretched things out even more pulling in security. Will we next hear that team physicians have been in on steroids the entire time? Only tie will tell.

Something has gone so terribly wrong when you have to close a local public swimming pool because of a death threat made by a 22-year-old. On a warm summer day people just want to sit by the pool and relax. That desire was unattainable on Thursday, August 8, 2013 because of the acts of one disgruntled young man by the name of Antwon Perkins from Dorchester, MA, who threatened to return to the pool in lrder to shoot two male lifeguards after they had to remove him from the McCrehan Pool on Rindge Avenue in Cambridge, MA. Perkins was arrested.

A 33-year-old Angel L. Rivera of 239 Acushnet Ave. in New Bedford, was arrested yesterday for pulling a knife on his former boss at Advantage Delivery Services, after he and a fellow employee were terminated for using the company gas card to purchase cigarets. Rivera has been ordered to stay 500ft away from his former boss and was released with the understanding that he must return to Hingham District court on September 18, 2013. Rivera is certainly old enough to know better than to charge items to a card that does not personally belong to him.

I saved the best for last The Police say a woman who was accused of being drunk when her car rammed into a Boston Globe newspaper delivery truck threatened to put a voodoo hex on the arresting officer. Click here to see video

What’s The Punishment for Killing Your Wife?

49-Year-Old Michael Rivard pleaded not guilty for running down his wife, Beatrice Rivard, and harming their son back in November of 2012. Michael Rivard was charged with unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and for driving with a suspended license. He’s lucky, he only has to spend 20 months in jail and the rest is suspended during three years of supervised probation. His only true discomfort will be his inability to drive while he is on probation. I’m not usually one to assume the guilt of another person, but in this case, this person has been involved in a number of car related accidents with his family. It gives me the feeling that he was always trying to harm them, but could never go through with it, and this time he did, but left his special needs son alive.  It hurts to know that the value of his wife’s life was only worth 20 months in jail.  Had this been the very first time this happened, maybe I would have felt more comfortable with the sentence, but not when there were other driving related incidents involving the same people. This is the kind of mentality that puts drunk drivers back out on the road so that they to have a chance to hurt again and again.  What does it take for things to change?

Craig Good is a level 3 sex offender at age 28. He was charged yesterday in the rape of a 14-year-old Upton girl. When arrested, Good was found in bed, naked with the girl. He had taken advantage of her two or three times. What is wrong with men that basically hunt young girls and turn them into their own personal sex slaves often lending them out to other men to make money off of them? These men care nothing for the minds or souls of their young victims. They certainly couldn’t be bothered thinking about their victims families as that would get in he way of what they are doing.

This particular relationship came alive on the Internet. This is how Good came to know his young victim and was able to entice her into meeting up with him. I urge all parents to continue to talk to their children about the dangers of talking to strangers on he Internet. Parents should tell their children to share all suspicious Internet behavior with the, a friend or another adult they feel comfortable with. Ensure your children hat their lives are worth more than whatever they think they might find with a complete stranger that would never have their best interest in mind. We are not always offered a second chance at life. This 14-year-old victim was lucky to be alive, most often she would have been killed and discarded.

I hope this time, Good isn’t given another opportunity to see outside cell walls to take another victim. This man definitely has some severe mental health issues and clearly can’t stop himself from his vicious and malicious behavior.

I hope his young victim gets all the help she needs to help her live the life she deserves to live.

It’s sad to say, but I had actually forgotten about the horrific tragedy at Fort Hood back in 2009. Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 and wounded 30 plus victims.  He is now uses a wheelchair due to injuries sustained during his reign of terror.  The latest judge on the case, JAG (Judge Advocate General) Col. Tara Osborn has decided that Hasan will be permitted to defend himself during the trial.  He has been cleared by the proper medical staff for this task.

Hasan had hoped to state that he committed this heinous act to protect Islāmic Emirate of Afghanistan and the leadership of the Taliban, including Mullah Mohammad Omar. Judge Osborn will not allow this defense as she could not find any practical threat at that time to anyone in Afghanistan. Hasan forgot that when of his rampage he was a member in the U.S. Army and was in no way entitled to kill ANY U.S. Soldiers or civilians. We will have to wait and see what his defense will end up being.

The question before us is whether it even makes sense to seek the death penalty for Major Hasan.  It’s my personal feeling that If there are practical witnesses to the heinous act that was committed, then that person of course deserves the death penalty.  But deserving it doesn’t always make sense to pursue it. If you know that the process itself is going to take decades to complete, then realistically the idea of all the time and money  that goes into the prosecution of a death penalty and what it does emotionally to the victims and their families seems senseless. The fact however remains that we are looking to punish criminals for the acts that they commit. This is and will remain hard to do when the rights of criminals get in the way of the rights of the innocent. I feel that it doesn’t help the families of the victims to have to live through long drawn out appeals by the accused, attempting to escape their sentence. The survivors and their families and the families of the victims shouldn’t have to lay in wait for decades unable to move past the horrific tragedy they already had to endure.

This is a daunting task before all those involved.  I wish them peace and success.

As the saying goes often “Justice is Blind”.

Smoking kills

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I don’t smoke, please don’t make me sick!

When you take a walk
When you’re driving your car
When you’re waiting for a bus
When you’re sitting in your living room
When you’re waiting in line at a Resteraunt
You can’t stop yourself from smelling a smokers smoke

You control she it goes in your body
You can control where and what it attacks
You can pray that it doesn’t affect you
But the reality is, smoking and being a secondhand smoker is like
Playing Russian Roulette

I don’t want cancer,
I don’t want emphysema,
I don’t want a voice box
I don’t want my life span shortened

I want to breath smoke free air
I want to live to see every tomorrow
I want to have a choice in what I do
I want smoking to end!

Click here for some CDC statistics on who is smoking

Click here for an update on cardiovascular disease in smokers from the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association

Click to access ucm_319590.pdf