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power of love - 2009 by karmym

Love Is Mighty Powerful©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

I stand

Powerless to make you

Powerless to take you

Powerless to keep you

Just the way I want you

Powerless to need you

When I want to see you

Powerless to change you

Which makes me want to save you

Knowing that each moment spent will be wasted

But well worth each moment that I’m near you

Powerless to hate you because it would be too easy

So love prevails to continue stealing my power

To make you

All that I hope for

Fifty years ago, a massive blackout plunged Boston and much of the northeast into darkness.

FILE - In this Nov. 9, 1965 file photo, the view from the 52-story Prudential Tower in Boston, Mass., shows that not all parts of the city were plunged into darkness during the great northeastern power failure, fifty years ago. The John Hancock Building, center, Charlestown Navy Yard at left background, Boston Airport at center background and the South Boston Naval Annex at right all had emergency back-up systems in place and are lit. Copley Square is seen in foreground. (AP Photo/File)