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Donald Trump’s Massachusetts campaign headquarters was vandalized with vulgar graffiti. Offensive images have been blurred out.

Donald Trump's Massachusetts campaign headquarters was vandalized with vulgar graffiti. Offensive images have been blurred out. (Image Credit:

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Returning from our venture out to Revere Beach today to attend the Sand sculpting event after an amazing day, we were tired and wanted to put our feet up. As we turned onto our street, we noticed quite a crowd blocking both sides of the street as well as the middle of the street.  We had to ask to pull in front of our own house.  At first we thought we missed a block party our neighbors had forgotten to invite us too. As it turns out Maura Healey was shooting a commercial on the porch of our neighbor across the street. Maura is campaigning for her upcoming run for Attorney General as Martha Coakley’s successor in the 2014 state elections. With all her ducks in a row, she’s reaching out to those who would be voting for her in the November 4, 2014 election.  We settled our girls in the house and then my husband went out on the porch to enjoy a cigarette. We are a non-smoking house and my husband is the only smoker. Any way, after settling the girls, I headed back out to ask my husband to drive me to the pharmacy to pick up some birthday cards for the young Danny Nickerson who you may have heard about in the news this weekend. He has an inoperable brain cancer and will be celebrating his 6th birthday this week and all he wants are lots of birthday cards addressed to him. As I approached my husband, Maura Healey headed over to us.  She kindly introduced herself and apologized for all the commotion and explained what was going on. We enjoyed a nice friendly conversation about who we were, what we do, and discussed our family. She shared her story of where she grew up and mentioned that she too was once a member of the Brookline Community a while back. We were fortunate enough to meet her lovely sister and her warm and gently step-father as well as many of her kind and supportive volunteers. My point here is that while campaigning can often lead us to feel a great many things about those running and feel detached from them as well feeling that they are not the person they would lead you to believe they are. This is one case where I can genuinely speak to the warmth and sincerity of Maura Healey. She volunteered answers to our questions freely and felt free to share info about her intentions should she win the seat as Attorney general. She also spoke to her upbringing and history without hesitation. It was comforting to know that there are actually candidates out there that can be warm, caring and open while truly understanding what we the people need regardless of our status: poor, middle class, upper middle class or rich.

I have never given my written or verbal support to any other candidate and certainly have not done so without them requesting it of me. This time however things are different. I can certainly say without hesitation that I would be more than happy to lend my support to Maura Healey. I hope you will fortunate enough to meet her as I did and maybe you will come to feel as I do.

With respect and admiration,

Felina Silver Robinson