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Empty Promises©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014

She always says just what’s on her mind

There is just no stopping her

She’s heard what you’ve done and now she’s hurt

There’s just no telling of what she might do

Dare we wait to find out?

She holds back her anger as he walks into the room

Both of them knowing what will happen next

She tells him that it’s over and not to bother waiting up

She packs with anger

he begs her not leave

She doesn’t even listen because she’s heard it all before

Tired of his promises she storms out the door

Leaving behind old memories full of heart ache

Where she’s heading she doesn’t know

She only desire never see him again

The Comforts of Home Sweet Home©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014

One last glance as you walk out the door for the day

Counting the hours until you return

We all spend time away from home each day

For Work

For School

or Whatever keeps you going

Sometimes we like it

Sometimes we don’t

Sometimes we have to

Sometimes we need to

Being away from home is a part of every day life

Home is where you get to kick off your shoes

Home is where you get to strut about however you please

Home is where you should feel safe

You get to be yourself

You get to relax from the days tensions

You get to brag about your successes without judgement but pride

You get to eat and drink as you please

You can sit back in your favorite chair resting your feet while you watch TV

You can grab the game control and stay up all night battling your friends or enemies

You can chat on the phone with your best friend and your family too

or How about some reality TV

Once all is said and done for the day

You take your shower and jump into bed

Where sweet dreams take over all nestled in your head

Until the alarm clock awakens you to start all over again

You again glance over your shoulder to take one last look as you leave for the day

There is nothing better than the comforts of home sweet home

On and On©

By Felina Silver

Copyright© 1998

For every man, there is a woman,

For every dream, there is hope,

For every child, there is a mother,

For every day, there is night,

For all the calm, there is a storm,

For every smile, there is a frown,

For every life, there is death,

For every line, there is an answer,

For every answer, there is thought,

For every thought, there is wonder,

For every wonder, there is anticipation,

For every anticipated moment, there is expectancy,

Did you expect that I could go on this long?

I could go on and on.

The Mirror©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014

If you follow your heart

You might find that it has more to say

It may know you best

It just may show you the rest

Of the life that you have hoped truly existed

With your eyes wide open

Your guard down

Placing one foot in front of the other

and just taking the steps

That your heart lays out for you

There’s no rush

No time clock

No one forcing your hand

Just a choice to let your heart take the lead

No more forcing your eyes closed

No more butterflies in your stomach

No more turning back

Just accepting, trusting footsteps forward

Then maybe you’ll find a friend in me and

The love you needed for a time

The sun will shine

The clouds will lift

The rain will stop

and the birds will sing

In time for your new life to begin

Glad to have you back again

Stronger than ever before

Trying, willing and ready

to see me as I really am

The me you see every day

When you look into the mirror

Don’t forget to open your big beautiful eyes

Oh how glad I am to live once again

Our Time, Our Love©

By Felina Silver

Copyright© 1997

Feelings of warmth and affection for things here and gone

In time we’ll find the answers of where and why we are

Where did we come from? And where are we going?

I find myself still waiting

For his return home

Will he find me?

Will he still want me?

Will he stay here in our time?

Will he hold onto to our love?

It’s only a day away

I find that I’m not alone

So many around me

With love and kindness

Hugs and kisses

Smiles and laughter

Isn’t it amazing that time and love remain?

No pressure

No demands

Only the feeling of wanting to be near you

The Right Time©

By Felina Silver

Copyright© 1988

It’s never good to think that we know all of what we see

So quick to judge or assume, often turns out to be that we were as wrong as could be

You may never know of what was lost because of what you thought you knew

The love of your life

 The job you have always wanted

   A friend for life

    The child you’ve been searching for

All these things having been lost to judgment or assumption

Too precious to be lost forever or replaced by another

Open your heart and let love in, you’d be surprised at how very easy it is

I Am Who I Am©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015

I am…

The beauty that you can’t ignore

The fear that you won’t let go of

The lie you had to tell

The story that no one believes

The truth that everyone has waited for

The desire that holds you back

The promise that will never be kept

The question that will never be answered

I am who I am


I’ve come to realize

That there is no turning back