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Daily headlines start and end with violence, violence and more violence. What sickens me most is the violence against children of any age. Heck, violence against anyone that’s none suspecting or innocent is senseless. It mortified me to know that we as a city, town, state, country or even world can’t and won’t do anything to stop all of this violence from happening. Sometimes, it feels like there are some that feel this is as it should be. I’m here to say that no one, absolutely no one should be living this way. When this is all you see and hear, it’s no wonder why the cycle doesn’t end.

1. I can’t even imagine what had to happen to push a mother to beat her children with a broom. Now Jessica Martinez-Zayas will be spending three years in jail and five years on probation. Here’s to hoping that the system doesn’t fail her while she’s inside. She needs help with her mental health issues. Historically, once in the system mental health needs don’t get dealt with and convicted people are thrust back onto the street once they finish their time only to find themselves right back where they left off while hurting more people than they did the first time.

2. A student brought a handgun into the Herberg Middle School in Pittsfield on Friday. Although the bullet filled magazine laid beside the gun instead of in its clip, the intent was still there. Just imagine what would have occurred had the gun not have been confiscated.

3. In trouble since 2013 Richard Penney’s home has been a jail cell. But Mr. Penney maliciously stalks a woman that he isn’t even supposed to be contacting. How is he able to do this you wonder? He’s using a jailhouse phone. He has to know that he was being recorded. Is it possible that he just didn’t care?

4. Brian Art decides to let his hatchet do the talking in a case of Road Rage this morning in Rehoboth. Thankfully, despite the fact that he drove away from the incident, police caught up with him later and arrested him.

5. Jesus Ocasio had no intentions of listening to the police officer that showed up at his door to question him. He felt the need to physically assault several officer who fortunately suffered no serious injuries.

6. To make matters worse, yet another student has been sexually assaulted.  This time on campus at Bridgewater State University. Bridgewater State University Police are investigating.

Here’s to hoping that the past doesn’t define the future.