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Atheist parents had challenged recitation in public schools


Do you think the phrase ‘Under God’ should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance in schools?


BOSTON (AP) — A Boston man said he has no plans to remove the 6-foot-by-10-foot U.S. flag hanging in the window of his condominium, even though management is threatening to fine him $25 a day for breaking its “white curtains only” rule.

Mark DiGiovanni told the Boston Herald he was given a “gentle reminder” on Monday from the company that manages the building in the Fort Point neighborhood that he’d start accruing the penalty Tuesday for breaking a rule that requires residents to have only white curtains in their windows.

The 52-year-old facilities manager said the law is on his side, pointing to the 2005 federal Freedom to Display the American Flag Act.
Condo association trustee Sean McGrail said management was reacting to a complaint and has accused DiGiovanni of “fake patriotism.” Do you think DiGiovanni should be allowed to hang his flag?