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Victims sought shelter under tree

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69 people on jet from Paris to Cairo when it disappeared

Opinion: Climate change is a form of self-inflicted terrorism

SMOG Deaths from sooty smog in California may be two or three times higher than previous estimates, based on a recent USC study that examined the risk of such deaths in the Los Angeles basin. View of downtown Los Angeles from Elysian Park over the 101 freeway.  (Photo by Bryan Chan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

1. Native Hip Hop Artists Abroad! Frank Waln and Nataanii Means in Paris

Native hip hop artists Frank Waln and Nataanii Means in Paris – Also with dancers Lumhe Sampson and Samsoche Sampson and filmmakers Sydney Freeland and Steven Paul Judd

2. Native Recipes

3. How to Steal a Nation—Twice

4. Rare, Traditional Arts Making a Comeback at Tribal Colleges

Sherri LaChapelle Basket Strips College of Menominee Nation
Courtesy College of Menominee Nation
Sherri LaChapelle, an instructor in the Black Ash Basket Making Workshop at the College of Menominee Nation, demonstrates the hard work involved in creating strips for baskets.

5. Video: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Role in Defeat of Keystone XL

Sue Ogrocki/AP
The Keystone XL pipeline, known as the Black Snake among indigenous and grassroots activists, is no more.

6. End-Run on Native Rights—Will It Work?

Jesse Short Bull
Tuned in: During a KILI radio program on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Beverly Pipe On Head and Cornell Conroy used Lakota and English to call on fellow tribal members to participate in the 2014 election.

7. Turning Over a Few New Leaves: Salads By Season—Focus on Northern Plains

Wild Rice Pumpkin Parsnip Toss
Photo by RoseMary Diaz
There are so many possibilities for fall ingredients. This wild rice, pumpkin and parsnip toss is just one option.

8. 30 Years of NIGA: Tribal Gaming’s Unique History and Purpose

Sharon House has practiced law since 1983 specializing in Indian law.
Courtesy NIGA
Sharon House (Oneida Nation of Wisconsin) has practiced law since 1983 specializing in Indian law.

9. Meditation & Healing Music

10. Tibetan Healing Sounds


Police say Abdelhamid Abaaoud is a Belgian citizen

Attacks in Paris police activity from building

Terror Is…©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Thursday night lay my head on my pillow

Dreaming of what the next day would bring

I woke excited for all the new day would bring

Comforted by the voices of my loved ones

As I went about my day

Night fell before my eyes

Social media was suddenly ablaze

News of the Paris attack was before me

I sat terrified for those who await word on the status of their loved ones

I mourn those that are already lost

I fear for the lives of the hostages

I’m terrified of the reasons this tragedy came into play

Terror is now the feeling

That I’m no longer safe

Nor are the places

I sleep





Terror has further become the feeling

Of not knowing who our neighbors


Companions are

Feeling trapped

With no place to go

Not being able to say goodbye

To the ones that you love

Because someone else has taken your voice away

Terror is the feeling that someone else has won the right to take over your life

We must not let terror win!


This poem is written in memory of all of those who lost someone

They know or love in the aftermath of the Paris tragedy of

Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris attacks: ISIS claims responsibility for gunfire, blasts that killed 128


Massive manhunt continues for Algerian brothers tied to Paris massacre as France holds day of mourning