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1. Still puzzled as to why people lie even when they know it’s easier to tell the truth?

2. I’m watching housewives of Potomac. It’s funny how women can be crazy, lose, conservative, sweet, inconsiderate, rash, indecisive, generous and cruel all at the same time

3. It’s close to 1 am in the morning as I pull these thoughts together. I’m not even close to being tired.

4. Raising teenage children is just as hard on the kids as it is on the adults.

5. I’m angered, shocked and disappointed by the article I read that was truly a more than disturbing moment in black history

6. I have found myself thinking often about Johnny Cash and Glenn Campbell. These are two totally different men that brought many things to my life through their songs. I will forever be indebted to their sounds.

7. To snow or not to snow is the question. I like many others sit in wait for the impending snow. It’ wouldn’t be a New England start to Spring without a little surprise storm. We shall see what happens.  I will either have the kids home or they will head off to school. Either way, I win!

8. I’m curious to see the Government Center T Station renovations made after 100+ years

9. What causes two individuals to shoot 27 shots in a hotel parking lot? There are some things you just don’t do!

10. It feels strange to be the only one stirring about in the house with everyone else asleep already. I kind of like the peaceful moments thou. Sometimes, I wish it could last longer.

Oh My Shy and Quiet One…©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

You are always full of surprises

Peering atop your favorite book you find a way

to bring laughter to the day

In moments of stress, you look past the mess

and find a way to brighten up the room

Even with a frown in tow, not buried too far beneath

is that silly little grin followed by the sweetest little laugh

that makes others start to grin wishing they knew why they too, now

wore that same silly little grin.

Thank you my shy and quiet one…for making me bring laughter to my day.

This poem was written for my daughters Ariana, Jasmine and Lea.