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My biggest regret is not having the strength to convince the adults in my life about the bad things that happened to me that ultimately shaped the way my life turned out. While that is my regret, I most certainly don’t regret the steps that I have taken along the way that have made me who I am now and gave me 6 beautiful children. Life is full of choices and sometimes we have control over our choices and sometimes the choices are made for us.

Here are the results of a survey that was taken about other people’s most common regrets. I’m curious about whether or not most of you reading this share any of the same regrets. Who love to here yours, especially if they differ.

11 of the Most Common Regrets


Something has gone so terribly wrong when you have to close a local public swimming pool because of a death threat made by a 22-year-old. On a warm summer day people just want to sit by the pool and relax. That desire was unattainable on Thursday, August 8, 2013 because of the acts of one disgruntled young man by the name of Antwon Perkins from Dorchester, MA, who threatened to return to the pool in lrder to shoot two male lifeguards after they had to remove him from the McCrehan Pool on Rindge Avenue in Cambridge, MA. Perkins was arrested.

A 33-year-old Angel L. Rivera of 239 Acushnet Ave. in New Bedford, was arrested yesterday for pulling a knife on his former boss at Advantage Delivery Services, after he and a fellow employee were terminated for using the company gas card to purchase cigarets. Rivera has been ordered to stay 500ft away from his former boss and was released with the understanding that he must return to Hingham District court on September 18, 2013. Rivera is certainly old enough to know better than to charge items to a card that does not personally belong to him.

I saved the best for last The Police say a woman who was accused of being drunk when her car rammed into a Boston Globe newspaper delivery truck threatened to put a voodoo hex on the arresting officer. Click here to see video

My nocturnal hours

Always awake,
Wishing for sleep,
Even though I fear it,
Dreams and nightmares taunting me in the brief moments I do sleep,
Admiring all those who can sleep,
I listen to the sounds the house brings,
I rise from rest to start the day since I know I won’t get my way to sleep deep and peacefully,
For now I say goodbye to my nocturnal hours as I give up trying to sleep and start the day,
See you a little later my dear nocturnal friend.

I hear you talking, but I can’t make out the words

I realize it’s because you are uncertain if I’ll care,

so you mutter with each breath

Security doesn’t befriend you,

so you trust not what you say,

fearing that we’ll all betray your innermost feelings

you opt to say no more,

Each time you whisper,

I wish I knew what to say,

because I am certain that I do care what you say,

but each time I near you, you turn away,

until one day a just hold you, and plead to know

what you want to say,

and each word flows quickly, and happily,

all the while you did know what to say,

no longer will their be whispers in the wind