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Utilities hope to keep birds from nesting on poles

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WEST FALMOUTH, Mass. — Utility officials are on the lookout for returning ospreys that nest in the cross arms of utility poles on Cape Cod.

Ospreys, also called sea hawks, return each spring from their southern winter homes. NStar says it’s watching for potential problems.

The Cape Cod Times reports that local residents with a passion for the birds are watching the utility.

Kevin McCune, NStar’s supervisor for licensing and permitting, says birds can sometimes be killed by electricity or fire.

NStar works with the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife on its osprey program.

Possible solutions include removing a nest and hoping the birds choose a more natural roost and installing a device to prevent them from nesting.

Another solution is to put up a nearby platform to encourage the birds to move.

NSTAR investigating Allston incident

BOSTON —NSTAR is investigating a failure at a substation in Allston that resulted in an alarming flash.

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It started when a transmission line got loose, which caused a bright flash. Power flickers were reported from Allston to Rhode Island.

“I saw a big flash of light in the sky and a big boom. I wasn’t sure what it was. So that’s why I came outside to check it out,” said one resident.

Nstar says power was immediately transferred to other lines coming out of the facility, so there were no outages.

NSTAR is trying to figure out how the line came loose.