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My Poem of the Day


 I fear the day that I wake up and you’re gone

There’s no sign that you ever existed

There’s no hope that we will ever be together again

Our entire past is wiped clean like a scene in a sci-fi movie

It leaves me wondering if I’ve lost my mind

People are sure to think I’ve gone mad

I find myself rocking and rambling on and on

About what I thought we once had and all we had done together

But all I see

Are faces of doubt and inquiry

I fear I should say no more because they’ll likely put me away

I can only pray that one day

We’ll be together again

In a different time

In a different place

Where everyone else won’t remember my face

Til then the fear will run deep inside me

Until again we meet

Copyright 2014

The Fear Deep Inside©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day



The Way You Look At Me©

The cold, hard, judgemental glare

You look me up, down and all over

Then turn up your nose and go onto say

Don’t you dare look at me that way

I stand shocked with my mouth hanging open

And I say you can’t possibly be talking to me that way

I stand here powerless say what truly comes to mind

Your repulsive behavior leaves me paralyzed with disappointed

And fearful of your purse ignorance

I by nature am a happy soul

Loving and accepting of all

You I find accept only those like yourself

Which I’m afraid is a mistake

So I offer you now a free word of advice

That you turn down your nose

And turn on your heart

I’m sure you’ll find

That you can play the part

Of a caring, warm and gentle soul

Leaving behind the hard shell of your past

Copyright 2014

The Way You Look At Me©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Felina with youngest.jpg Felina n Joe 04-2010 Felina with oldest three.jpg

Why Am I Thankful?©

I’m both thankful and grateful for all those whom I love


The parents who raised me

The siblings who befriended me

The air I breathe

The water I drink

The food I eat

The bed I sleep in

The sun that rises

The night that falls and brings the stars

The birds that sing

The heat that warms me

The light that shows me the way

The peace that calms me

The joy that keeps me going

The freedom  and skill to write

The years that I’ve beat illness

The family that gives me all that I need

Copyright 2014

Why Am I Thankful?©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Too Young To Die©

A young black man out and about

In a moment all goes from bad to worse

He finds himself in the arms of a white police officer

fighting for his life

He may be bigger but certainly not stronger than a steel handgun

His fight was never meant to be won

He knows it’s over

He wants to give up

But in one split second all is lost and he is gone

The officer with just a slight red blemish upon his face

Remains in one piece

The crowds go wild as another young man is lost

They know what will happen and they’re not looking forward to it

Three months later the lowly police officer stand strong

Happy to find that he won’t be doing time

He’s been cleared of his ghastly deed

But the natives are restless as the protest the findings

That can’t put the injustice behind them

Tension mounts and crowds strengthens

Can’t someone come and give some direction

Oh what I’d give to have the day Michael Brown died began all over again

But with no police

and no shooting

Just time and space once again

With freedom, friends and loved ones in tow

Copyright 2014

Too Young To Die©

Felina Silver Robinson


Michael Brown

May his family and friends

Find the, love, peace, and strength needed to carry on

May you continue to come together as one to strengthen each other in your time of need

Call on each other in good times and bad

Hold onto your memories

While letting the soul of Michael R.I.P.

Support him through love and understanding

Which shall have no end

My Poem of the Day


There Are Possums Among Us©

There are possums among us but they don’t mean to stun us

They’re just hungry like me and you

But they’re big and they’re scary

They’re menacing too

They’ll stare you down

They’ll break you down

They’ll make you frown

You know there’s no winning when they start their grinning

They’re laughing at you because you don’t know what to do

But they sure do

And they surely won’t let you forget it

So set those traps

In order to catch them

So that they can be taught a lesson

They’ll be taken home

Where they will be free to roam

And hopefully leave us alone

Boy I’ll sure be glad when they’re no more possums among us

Copyright 2014

There Are Possums Among Us©

By Felina Silver Robinson

This poem was inspired when my 21-year-old told me he had gone to take out some trash

and there was a possum staring up at him almost daring him while begging him not to put his trash on top of him

Startled by this he opted not to continue and let me know that he left the trash in front of the barrels