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Paw print resembles mountain lion, officials investigating

Mountain lions can be anywhere from light grey to tan, with white and dark highlights are around the mouth. Males are larger than females.

WINCHESTER, Mass. — State wildlife officials are investigating an unconfirmed report of a mountain lion sighting in Winchester earlier this week.

The last confirmed mountain lion sighting in Massachusetts was in 1858, in the western part of the state. There have been numerous reported sightings since, but none have been confirmed.

The resident told police the mysterious animal was spotted in the Dunster Lane, Pepper Hill Drive neighborhood on Tuesday. Massachusetts Environmental Police responded and saw paw prints that strongly resembled those of a mountain lion – also called a cougar, puma or catamount. The sighting remains under investigation.

Some residents are skeptical. One man says he has spotted a fisher cat in the neighborhood, and thinks that’s probably what the person who reported the mountain lion saw.