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Thinking of George Michael. I was just thinking about him the other day and how much I miss hearing his music. Now, just like that, in the blink of an eye he’s lust to a heart attack. RIP George! Thank goodness your voice will carry on through YouTube and the like.

Earth Wind & Fire

Lionel Richie

Barry Manilow



ZZ Top

1. George Jones and Tammy Wynette-Golden Rings

2. Don Williams – Say It Again

3. Tanya Tucker – Here’s Some Love

4. Johnny Duncan – Thinkin’ Of A Rendezvous

5. Tom Jones – Say You’ll Stay Until Tomorrow

6. Glen Campbell – Southern Nights

7. Johnny Duncan & Janie Fricke – It Couldn’t Have Been Any Bet

8. Don Williams – Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

9. Ronnie Milsap – It Was Almost Like A Song

10. Clay Walker – This Woman And This Man


1. Don’t You Forget About Me

2. Sanctify Yourself

3. Let There Be Love

4. Belfast Child

5. Mandela Day

6. Waterfront

7. All The Things She Said

8. League of Nations

9. Shake Off The Ghosts

10. Criminal World