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On The Fields of Glory©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Led by our captain
We hold our heads high
Like our brothers
We proudly walk on the field of glory
Many of us lost our lives here
Some of us our minds
Some of us lost hope
One thing is certain
No matter the battle
We are still and will always be brothers
Held together with pride
The pride and honor
Of fighting for our country
For our freedom
And for the freedom of all those deserving
We protect and honor this world given to us
We stand proud and true
We will never have to stand alone to fight this fight
Know that we will always be as one
We’d do anything for this great great land of ours
We honor you as we hope you honor us
Grateful to have something to believe in
As we walk the walk on the fields of glory
On the Fields of Glory©
Was written by Felina Silver Robinson
On November 8, 2013
In honor of all those that have served their country proud

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