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Massport, airline blame problem with snow plow

BOSTON —Passengers who boarded a Lufthansa flight from Boston to Frankfurt during Tuesday night’s snowstorm said they were stuck on a Logan Airport tarmac for five hours only to return to the gate.

A passenger who was traveling with his wife and two young children told NewsCenter 5 that there was little food, nothing to drink and little ability to move about the plane.

When they plane finally returned to the gate, it took another four hours to get their bags, the passenger said.

Lufthansa blamed the problem on a malfunctioning snow plow on a runway. Massport confirmed that a piece of equipment did break during the snow-clearing operations.

Passengers were eventually given vouchers to taxis and a hotel room and told to return Wednesday night for their flight to Germany.


Flights should be getting back to normal this morning after yesterday’s fire.

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