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My Poem of the Day


My Blood, Sweat and Tears©

This family of mine

Thou filled with lots of love

Each day is a struggle

For each member has their own thoughts and habits of mind

They don’t often like direction from others

But they are well aware that

Through everything

 My blood, sweat and tears

Has gotten them to where they are now

Lessons of love

Lessons of honor and belief

Lessons of what the difference is between right and wrong

and good from evil

Each one of them has come to know that there is nothing

That comes to those of true value for free

Only hard work and determination

Earns you the rewards that you seek

So they resolve to commit to their future

With their own blood, sweat and tears

So that their rewards will be well deserved and easier to enjoy

This is all worth my own

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Copyright 2015

My Blood, Sweat and Tears©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Deborah Anne Williams School Picture


A Sister Lost©

Growing up it always felt like something was missing

I would only later come to know that it was actually someone who was missing

When we are young children

Our parents work hard to make ends meet

We are left to comfort and attend to one another

This doesn’t mean we always have to like each other

Sometimes we need years behind us to know what we have in one another

Things happen and the years pull us apart

There is an emptiness inside and a longing for a sister lost

Both of us wondering what might have been

We mourn the loss of one another

Only to find that the other still exists

Our curiosity is alive and we know we must find what was misd

Through time and words we begin to uncover our past

The pain slips through our fingers like sand returning to the beach floor

We now move on to heal our hearts

Happy Birthday Big Sister

You have now officially been found!

Copyright 2015

A Sister Lost©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Will They Respect Me?©

I have a hunger for respect of those

Both beside me and behind me

As they try to climb above me

I’ve worked so hard for so long

To come out from this hold

I’ve given everything I have to give

All my time

All my faith

And even all my loyalty

Nothings proven to be more important as the

Day grows short and the nights stay long

While my family and friends

Bide for some of my love and affection

I beg for their forgiveness and tell them that

Time has not been on my side

I remind them that they’ve always said that

Patience is a virtue

Thou I know that

This is not what they want to hear

Because they can’t seem to

Nor do they want to

Practice as they preach

I tell them though of how things will come to be

Once my work is done

And that they along with the others

Will have nothing but

Respect for me

As I find my rightful place at the head

Of this big great game

Called Life

So while we wait

I hope that they will ALL have the strength to

Respect me

For time is all I need as

Long as they’re beside me

Copyright 2015

Will They Respect Me?©

Felina Silver Robinson