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Retailer couldn’t locate gift card‘s owner

FREEPORT, Maine —A Freeport resident is using Craigslist to help track down the person who bought a gift card only to lose it.

A person named “C” posted they found the gift card in the lost and found section of

“C” said in the post that the gift card was found on the ground in Freeport and the store where it was from couldn’t track down the owner.

While WMTW News 8 hasn’t been able to get in touch with “C,” people shopping in Freeport on Wednesday had nothing but praise for his or her efforts.

“Put it out there and let them know we found it. Come and get it. There’s still honest people around,” said Star Chase of Litchfield.

Shopper Kelley Queenan said she sympathizes with the person who bought the gift card.

“I’ve lost quite a few things that were important to me, and you just have to forget about it. If it shows up again that’s great, but you’re better just letting it go,” said Queenan.

Queenan said she’s also found something valuable a time or two.

“I actually found somebody’s tax return. I was at a grocery store, and it was in the carriage, and the address was on it so I shoved it in the door and ran,” said Queenan.

Terri Dennis of Turner said doing the right thing is worth more than what’s on the gift card.

“I always say what goes around, comes around,” said Dennis.

If the owner isn’t found, “C” said the gift card will be donated to charity.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing. I can’t imagine keeping it for yourself. I just can’t,” said shopper Kathy Johnson.


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