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Out to Sea©

By Felina Silver

Copyright© 1998


My friend she travels here and there

Although she’s smiling, her pain is clear as can be

As she seems full of sadness

 She sounds as though she misses home

And all of whom she loves

 Traveling sure takes its toll

When you are out to sea

A never-ending yearning for what use to be

She sits there with her husband, lover, and friend

Although he’s everything she ever hoped for

She still seems to be missing her friends and family

 There seems to be no substitute

For the love of family and friends

 No ocean big or small

No sunset or moonrise

Nor the stars at night

 Why not come home my dear friend

For we miss you just as you miss us


The Grand Scheme©

Felina Silver Robinson

 Copyright© 1998


I find within myself a simple peace and acceptance as for what my life has become

Bringing all the values from my rearing days

It helps me now in these trying times

So much deception and temptation

Some of us not realizing the damage caused by our decisions

I sit back and take a moment to access my place here on this earth

What do I mean and what part do I play in the grand scheme of things?

Does it really matter here and now?


If we only took more time to think before we spoke a hurtful word,

Before we commit a sinful act,

Or cause irreparable damage changing the life of others forever

There would be peace in this world

 For all to enjoy



Still Waiting©

By Felina Silver

Copyright© 1997


Sitting Still,

Already Waiting,

She sits patiently,

Knowing he’s on his way,

Bringing just what she’s been awaiting

Still waiting,

She closes her eyes,

Her hearts a flutter,

Filled with the thought

Of his kiss upon her,

Still waiting,

Her heart is slowly breaking,

For the pain of waiting,

Is more than she can bear!

Suddenly he enters,

He lays a kiss upon her.

No longer does she sit, still waiting.

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Endless Possibilities©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

The world is full of endless possibilities.

Don’t limit your hopes and dreams.

Don’t let your disappointment in others hinder what you set out to do.

Set the bar higher than ever before.

You’ll enjoy each day even more.

The experience is as rewarding as achieving the goal.

Organized Chaos©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

We are not always aware of what we have

We are not always willing to see the offers before us

We may hold our eyes closed to our reality

In the end we always know what’s coming

We always know that steps that need to be taken

To make all that needs to happen, happen

Sometimes we must call on the unexpected for help

But we swallow our pride

and what needs to be done

Gets done

and we have achieved success


Flying by the seat of my pants©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson
Attempting fate at every turn
Nothing is going to stop me
I have to be on my way
On the way to better things
A better life for me
A better life for you
Please don’t try to stop me
I’ve been here to long
So long I’ve wondered will I live to see the next morn
Then it happened
A little birdie told me to just get up and run
Run to happiness
Don’t be left behind
All that you will see is life in disguise
Disguised as happiness that’s really madness
Madness of those in anger
Who’ll stand in your way
Step back and look away
Clear your path and run
Run until you can’t run any more
When you stop you’ll be there
There in a place
A place meant for happiness
Where you can be everything and anything that you’ve wanted to be
This life was meant for you
So take it and be on your way
Because I know you just can’t stay
Stay in a place where no one sees you
No one knows you
But I know that one day
And one day soon
You’ll show them
Just who you were meant to be
And then you will no longer be
Flying by the seat of your pants

The Path©

by Felina Silver Robinson


I’m not frightened by your ideal

While I’m deeply entrenched in my own

I have miles to go to before I reach my target

Being certain to keep all obstacles clear from my path

Ensuring no distractions til I reach my destination

Whereupon my team awaits instruction on next phase of our immense invention

Which is something we have all come to know as a peaceful, fun-loving, society hand-made by man

The dream for eternal happiness can only be realized by those willing to track it down