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Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates gets prison for faking cancer

Officer worked for LAPD since 1998

A Los Angeles police officer who was featured in a special birthday video for Tyler Seddon was killed in the line of duty Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Watch the LAPD video here

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said Officer Nicholas Choung Lee was killed when a truck slammed into his police cruiser in Beverly Hills.

“#LAPD Police Officer III Nicholas Lee, Serial No. 34980. A man of greatness and selflessness. Nick was a great cop. May he rest in peace,” Beck tweeted Friday.

Lee was featured in a birthday video created for Seddon, 7, who is battling leukemia for a second time. Seddon’s mother had pleaded for first responders to send him birthday cards, and the response was overwhelming.


I have a dear friend who’s been battling Leukemia for a while. Although she’s on the road to recovery, she has every day battles. But I have to tell you that’s he is k e of the most amazing people I know. She works through whatever treatment she has to every day, she only stops when she’s made to. She has her good day and her bad days. Sometimes she throws herself a small pity party, but she has every right and she picks herself right up afterwards and pushes on. Today she was exited to walk a distance unassisted. That is definitely an achievement for someone that has gone through as much chemo as she has while suffering from extreme neuropathy issues. I’m writing shout her today because she never leaves my mind. She inspires me each day. I have my health problems, I find that I don’t think about them because I always feel someone else has it worse than I do.

Today I spent several hours cleaning out my dining room closet. I can’t even fathom how it got so out of control. I’m not sure why, but the entire time I found myself thinking about my dear friend M.F. When I finished cleaning the closet and sat down to read my FB feed, a posting from my friend M.F. Was the first thing I saw. She spoke of both her struggles and triumphs. I immediately smiled and a warmness came over me. Of course I wrote a comment on her posting letting her know I was proud of her and told her to safely keep up the good work.

I felt guilty for a while because I had complained earlier of my pain and how hard it was for me to clean that closet by myself without help, moving things from here to there and cleaning this that and the other thing and discarding trash. I think it was mostly because I was tired as I always am. I realized that despite my issues there is true-fully always someone who has it worse than I do.

I ‘m always thinking of you M.F. and I’m always proud of you.

My love goes out to all of those that are fighting and struggling through all of their illnesses. Each of you are amazing.