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The Good and The Bad Of It All© By Felina Silver Robinson


Have you ever thought to just park yourself somewhere and just see what happens around you? This morning while my husband stopped to get our breakfast, I decided to do some people watching. People walking the cluttered streets seem oblivious to the existence of one another. Many of which took no time to look around and see what they might be missing on this picture perfect day. I spy a mother with twins opening the door to a local Starbucks with her buttocks while coffee in hand. She was pushing a bulky jogging stroller. This I know is not easy to maneuver as I’ve been in that very spot myself. The door slams on her foot and she drops her coffee to the floor spilling the coffee on her spotless tennis shoes. A number of onlookers just look and continue on with no offers to lend a hand as her kids sit screaming for her attention while she wipes away the hot coffee from her skin.
Cars were fighting for the same parking spaces. A man stalks a truck driver that sits patiently waiting for the light to turn green. “Charlie” leans into the truck of the unknown driver without thinking of the safety hazard. The driver nervously revs his engine to make sure “Charlie” stops bothering him. “Charlie” scurries back into Starbucks.
An MBTA bus almost hits a Vespa driver and didn’t even try to halt his engine. The Vespa driver hurries out-of-the-way and the bus speeds away just barely missed knocking the back wheel of the Vespa driver.
Another mother in a cross walk with a single stroller already crossing is almost plowed by an SUV, but she nicely thanks the driver for finally stopping.
As we pull away I see another nice young mom prop the Starbucks door open for a departing patron while she herself struggles with her stroller.
It truly amazes me about how some people take the time to help others while others can’t even give themselves the time of day.
You should actually live each moment so you can feel each moment. If you don’t stop to feel anything then you will never know that it truly happened.