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Into the Light I Go©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson on 11/16/13


Into the Light I Go

To all those I love and to who have loved me

I’ve lived a life full of grace

Filled with all that I had hoped to do and see

There may have been a few things left undone

But worry not, for I will not

Life’s been good for I had you in it

Life was hard, but now I can rest

I take with me all your love

That will comfort me while I’m gone

I look to you to live your lives

With love and fond memories

Not grief and sadness

Life is precious

Don’t waste time on things lost

Work to make a change and bring happiness to others

I’ll be here watching to see that you are ok

The light will protect and guide me as hope to do for you too

Here Into the Light I Go