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Sitting with my thoughts again©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

Sitting with my thoughts again

Sometimes in the dark

Sometimes in the morning light

Alone in my garden

Meditating in my room

Atop a mountain looking down

I think of all I know, all I must do, all I have left undone

Does any of it matter? Where and how does it all fit in?

Sitting with my thoughts again

I remember you

I remember me

I remember us

I remember them that came from us

Then I realize how it matters and how it all fits in

Sitting here with my thoughts again

A smile peaks at the corner of my mouth, so big that it hurts

Such pride there is in knowing something that’s yours that makes you proud

That keeps you going day in and day out

I’m happy to once again be sitting with my thoughts.


I wonder if I do too much, take on too much
I wonder if they will be disappointed if my smile is absent next time they see me
I wonder if they will notice when I’m no longer there
I wonder if they know just how much their words hurt me
I wonder if they just don’t care

I wonder if I’ll have the time to change the way they feel
I wonder if it really matters that much to me
I wonder why I can’t stop caring as much as I do

I wonder if they know I used to cry myself to sleep
I wonder if they really need to be who and what they are
I wonder if they could survive being me

I no longer wonder, I’ve decided just to be me
The me I used to be before I started to care about them and what they would think of me
So now I no longer have to wonder or cry myself to sleep
For those who know me, this piece is not about me. It is written as a reflection of young girl I know who is constantly worrying about what others think about her and how they treat her. She is working on finding her inner peace as we speak.

The Path©

by Felina Silver Robinson


I’m not frightened by your ideal

While I’m deeply entrenched in my own

I have miles to go to before I reach my target

Being certain to keep all obstacles clear from my path

Ensuring no distractions til I reach my destination

Whereupon my team awaits instruction on next phase of our immense invention

Which is something we have all come to know as a peaceful, fun-loving, society hand-made by man

The dream for eternal happiness can only be realized by those willing to track it down

If You Could See Inside My Soul©

by Felina Silver Robinson


If you sat across from me and you stared for a while

You may start to wonder what might be inside

I promise you that it’s all good

I know that I’m a good soul

My heart wants only what’s good for others

I give every part of who I am to another

I only want happiness for all those around me

I wish away war, homelessness, illness and starvation

I fear for nothing but your safety

Knowing that I will do my best to bring you happiness

So please when you look at me

No second guesses

No wondering who I am

I am the one who is all that you need

I am your one and only saviour

I’m a good soul

I am your saviour

Good or Bad©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

A good child can turn into a sensitive, warm-hearted caring, significant adult
A bad child can turn into a pompous, uncaring, egotistical, moronic, spawn

A good thought can grow into a courageous deed
A bad thought can turn into a heinous crime

A good person can become a saint
A bad person can devour evil



 Copyright 1998

By Felina Silver

What do you need when you’re running late and you don’t see a bus in sight?


What do you need when you are one person?

And everyone needs everything at the same time


What do you need when you race home to catch your close friend,

Being interviewed on the 6 o’clock news?

You sit patiently waiting as your stomach growls

Your throat is dry and 6:30 has come and gone


What do you need when you are feeling kind of blue?

Your boss calls to tell you you’ve lost your job?


What do you need when you no longer have patience?

Luck and Lot’s of it!!


Class Is…©

Copyright 2013

By FelinaSilver Robinson

Class is…

When you care enough about others

Not to say things that will hurt them

Scars run deep in people

They are not always visible

Words can’t be erased from your memories

Nor can the pain that has been inflicted

Scars may deepen

And grow into hate

Which may fester into things that go bad

Don’t feed the pain

Stop the pain

Show some class

Think about how you would feel

If the shoe were on the other foot

Class is…

Knowing the needs of others

And when they are to proud to ask for help

But helping them any wayImage