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10 adults, 3 children unable to return to building


Family of 6 escapes 2-alarm West Bridgewater fire

Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise

Tech moguls, sports icons and pop stars hit the Embarcadero and branch out to the Tendernob and Mission neighborhoods, they’ll inevitably cross paths with people on the opposite end of America’s economic spectrum

San Francisco has dispatched a team of social workers, cops and fire fighters to remove the homeless from the long-time encampment that will be the site of "Super Bowl City," a fan village that will feature concerts, interactive games and celebrity appearances.

Homeless In The Winter©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


The coldness hardens their smiles

Their only worry is for where they will next lay their head

Once the sun has gone for the day

Each shelter is filled to capacity

There’s no food to be found

Their stomach has a lion’s roar

Their limbs are frozen like stone

Cardboard boxes and sleeping bags line the alley’s

Each person knowing that it won’t be enough once night falls

They rush to layer their clothing before more coldness hits

Hoping no one takes their spot

Tucked in for the night with a single blanket to shield them

They pray that the temperature won’t drop below freezing

They pray that no one will harm them as they lay sleeping

They pray that they will wake up and if they’re lucky

Tomorrow will be different


This world is “Ours”©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


The world I was born into

Is clean, yet dirty


Some are wealthy, some are poor

Some are starving, others eat plenty

Some are homeless, some have beds for many

Some are grateful, some are entitled

Some are charitable and would give their last dollar

Others will beat you and send you packing

The person I am is

Tolerant and forgiving

Believing that everyone can change

I hope for the day

That we wipe out the threat or even the idea of







Have more





Love for one another

This world is “Ours”

It was made for each and every one of us

Life is happier when people work together


Not against each other

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Homeless Man Feel Good Story

(Note to reader: I find a picture I like and write a poem about what I see. Hope you enjoy)

This is what I see…Felina Silver Robinson

I’m homeless but not invisible© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

I stand on many a corner

Outside of you favorite coffee shops

I sleep on park benches

or the nearest

cardboard box

I always asked for spare change

But politely with a smile

I may not look neat in appearance

As I have no money to clean my clothes

or tend to my hygiene

Each day when I wake up

I find myself asking

Just how did I end up here

But I remind myself that

“I’m homeless but not invisible”


If someone was willing to help me

Maybe they could then see me

As the person

I truly am

And not the person

Who has fallen so deeply

Out of grace in this place

Where everyone is so quick to judge

Please open your eyes so you can once again see me