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“History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme”

1. Defending the Religious Rights of Native Prisoners

2. Justice For Sonny Jim Highlights Need for Change

Courtesy Sonlatsa Jim-Martin
Four years after the murder of Native rodeo legend Sonny Jim, his murderer is sentenced, but was it enough?

3. First Nations Development Institute Awarded $675K for Native Family Empowerment Program

4. Moapa Paiute to Host 2nd Solar Project on Its Lands

Solar power cells. The Moapa Paiute have plans underway for two solar power facilities on tribal land.

5. Video and Petition: Children Say ‘Andrew Jackson Has Got to Go’

6. Article Refutes Snyder’s Claim That ‘Redskins’ Named to Honor Natives

Associated Press
AIM member Juan Mancias, of Floresville, Texas, holds up a sign during a protest at a Redskins/Cowboys game in Arlington, Texas.

7. Grand Chief Derek Nepinak: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Courtesy Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
Grand Chief Derek Nepinak, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), visiting the Rolling River First Nation south and east of Erickson, Manitoba.

8. Dallin Maybee Takes Reins of Indian Market; SWAIA and Jemez Make Pact

Maybee is an artist and lawyer raised on the Cattaraugus Reservation in New York.

9. Holocaust of the Native American Indians (Full Documentary)

10. “The 16 Year Old Killer” Cyntoia’s Story (full documentary)