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OK, just because Hello Kitty has never been shown on all fours doesn’t mean she hasn’t been represented as a cat for the last forty years. Are curators really expecting human beings to see something that visually appears to them with whiskers and pointy ears as a “little girl?” Imagine how many children and adults are upset about this statement. I know what I’ve seen. Even at the then age of eleven I knew and still know what a cat looks like vs what a girl looks like. Hello Kitty will always be a little girl “Kitty” to me. There is no way that anyone can sell the idea to a right-minded human being on what looks like a cat really isn’t! Just because a curator says so.

Oh yes, and neither a cat nor a little girl are without mouths. Was this an intentional omission to suggest that pretty little girls should just be pretty and not speak nor eat? Maybe I’m getting carried away with my frustration. I can now think of many other hidden messages that are suddenly not pretty or nice. This revelation just may have ruined my love of ‘Hello Kitty’. I’ll have to rethink keeping my collection as well as my emotional ties to my longstanding obsession. Maybe at 51, it’s time for that any way.  Felina Silver Robinson

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