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National Geographic says these New England locales are among the happiest in America


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Childhood fears are common, normal

childhood anxiety

FUTURE WORRIES  Although once regarded by some researchers as a relatively harmless condition, childhood anxiety raises the likelihood of encountering serious problems later in life, researchers now say. By Bruce Bower

Major depression is usually associated with adults, but quite a few kids suffer from it as well, and more are being treated with antidepressants

Spate of suicide attempts leaves Canadian indigenous community reeling

1 who escaped Washington state psych hospital caught, 1 on the lam

Anthony Garver (left) remains at large after the recapture of Mark Alexander Adams.

Anthony Garver (left) remains at large after the recapture of Mark Alexander Adams

An 8-year-old boy will not face charges after police say he attempted to rob a Florida grocery store at gunpoint

new treatments any time soon, but the results have given researchers “their first biological handle” on the psychiatric disorder that affects more than two million Americans

This image provided by Heather de Rivera and made with a fluorescent microscope shows C4 proteins, green, located at the synapses in a culture of human neurons. In research released on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016, scientists pursuing the biological roots of schizophrenia have zeroed in on a potential factor _ a normal brain process that gets kicked into overdrive. The finding could someday lead to ways to treat the disease or even prevent it. (Heather de Rivera/McCarroll Lab/Harvard via AP)