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13 health rules you can break

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Foods featured in CSPI’s Xtreme 2016 Awards

Fried Chicken and Waffles Benedict - Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory

The Healthiest Diet on the Planet: Why the Foods You Love-Pizza, Pancakes, Potatoes, Pasta, and More-Are the Solution to Preventing Disease and Looking and Feeling Your Best

by John McDougall

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These creative products can help you boost your nutrition—whether you’re aiming to get more greens into your diet or munch healthy foods on the go.

Your Mission: Start drinking a healthy juice at least once a week


High-fat Mediterranean diet, not low-fat one, is how you lose weight

The Mediterranean diet is easy to find in the grocery store, contains nutrients that are known to enhance longevity and has other health benefits that are backed by peer-reviewed, scientific studies. Broccoli makes the list because it's one of nature's most nutrient-dense foods, with only 30 calories per cup. That means you get a ton of hunger-curbing fiber and polyphenols -- antioxidants that detoxify cell-damaging chemicals in your body -- with each serving.

How to reduce your caloric intake by 30%

<strong>The 10 most filling foods for weight loss</strong><br /><br />If you were to describe The Perfect Food, it might go something like this: healthful, delicious, bigger than a morsel and filling enough to fight hunger for hours. "Foods that promote satiety" -- a feeling of lasting fullness -- "do exist," insists Dr. David Katz, founder of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. <br /><br />What makes some grub extra satisfying? "Fiber and protein can help," says Barbara Rolls, author of "The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet." Getting more bang for your bite matters, too: Low-energy-density foods, which yield big portions for few calories, "allow you to eat more without gaining weight," Rolls says. Want some of that? Make room for these secret-weapon picks.<br /><br /><a href=",,20645166,00.html" target="_blank"> The 25 best diet tricks of all time</a>

8 ways spring makes you lose weight without even trying

What to eat when running a marathon

What to eat when running a marathon

By Katie Hiscock

Try Fighting Cancer By Putting Tumor Cells On A Diet

Foods that fit the ketogenic diet are high in fat and low in sugar.

Foods that fit the ketogenic diet are high in fat and low in sugar.

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Here Are 10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier

by Ann Cooper and Lisa M. Holmes