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WEYMOUTH, Mass. — Three-year-olds aren’t typically known for acts of heroism, but Aryanna Lynch has set the bar pretty high for the preschool set.

Images: Aryanna honored

Weymouth police are crediting the girl with saving the life of her pregnant mother, who lost consciousness last month after a seizure, the Patriot Ledger reported.

Aryanna was to receive a commendation today from Weymouth police, recognizing her bravery in an emergency.

“It could have had a tragic ending if she didn’t do what she did,” said Weymouth police Capt. Richard Fuller.

What Aryanna did was size up a very scary situation and respond in a way far beyond her years.

Tiffany Lynch, Aryanna’s mother, explained that in early February she got very sick with a stomach bug and suffered a seizure caused by dehydration from so much vomiting.

“I started to get really dizzy,” Lynch said. “The next thing I realized, the EMTs were at my house cutting into my clothes.”

Both Tiffany and Aryanna’s father, Kevin, remain a bit baffled as to how Aryanna managed to unlock Tiffany’s cellphone.

“She managed to go through the address book (on the cellphone), call her mother’s cousin, got the voicemail and left a message,” Kevin Lynch said.

And the message she left was spot-on, too.

She said, “Mommy is sick, and we need you to call an ambulance,” according to Tiffany.

What makes the girl’s action all the more admirable is that her 2-year-old sister was also at home when her mom suffered the seizure.

Kevin Lynch, meanwhile, was already at the hospital, having driven himself to the emergency room at 2 a.m. when his bout with the stomach bug turned so bad that he needed medical treatment.

Parents and police are both calling the girl’s actions “amazing.”

“To me it’s remarkable that a 3-year-old would be able to do that, especially since the mother’s phone was locked,” Fuller said.

The Lynches said they have always taught Aryanna to memorize their address in case of an emergency. And they let her play games on the smartphone, too.

Kevin Lynch, mastering the understatement, said, “She’s very good with the phone.”