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It’s sad to see that efforts made to notify families of their child’s potential drift towards childhood obesity have to be terminated due to safeguarding concerns. It is getting harder and harder these days to keep anything private. The internet is partially to blame. It Is pretty easy for people to gain access to information on other people. They just have to know what to look for and how. Some information doesn’t have to be looked for. When kids receive mail at school addressed to their parents and other kids aren’t getting them, then they start asking what it is until they lose patients and just grab it. They read it, realizing that the person it’s talking about has just been told they were “fat” now they have something to tease them about. Suddenly, the whole school knows and your child is being picked on. This is essentially why you will no longer see those letters coming home. This is the article that I just read. How does it make you feel?


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