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Salads mislabeled, may pose allergy risk

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1. Taking Up Arms Where Birds Feast on Buffet of Salmon

2. ‘This is a huge success story’: 2 Maine scientists say acid rain effects

reversing much faster than expected

Crater Pond, near Rangeley, is one of the remote Maine lakes that has its water quality sampled periodically by research scientists.

3. Lake Erie Algae Bloom Crisis Is Putting Pressure On Ohio, Farm States To

Tackle Agricultural Pollution Problems


4. Water caucus draws hundreds to air concerns

Scientists, legislators, officeholders among standing-room-only crowd

5. The fine for months of manure spilling? Less than $500

Terry Kafka of the DNR holds a water sample of manure and liquid flowing from a farmfield in Marathon County in May.

6. The Great Chinese Exodus

Many Chinese are leaving for cleaner air, better schools and more opportunity.

But Beijing is keeping its eye on them.

7. City children more likely to suffer food allergies

A study in the US finds one in ten children living in major populated cities is

allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts, in contrast to rural counterparts

City kids more likely to suffer food allergies

8. Nicaragua’s Canal Project Pushes Forward Despite Economic, Environmental


Lake Nicaragua

9. Water in the West: The West gets thirstier as water supplies dwindle

A couple sit along Frying Pan River last spring.

10. Many Republicans Privately Support Action On Climate

Reports detail nickel allergies from devices

1. Flame retardant in old couches, carpets poses health risk to kids’ IQs

2. Lung illnesses more likely near Logan Airport

Study doesn’t find higher rates of heart disease, hearing loss

Winthrop, a town under a flight path to Logan Airport, is one of 17 communities cited in a Health Department report.

3. Planes’ exhaust could be harming communities up to 10 miles from LAX


4. Global health: Deadly dinners

Polluting biomass stoves, used by one-third of the global population, take a terrible toll. But efforts to clean them up are failing.

5. Rejected Pa. drilling waste brought to W.Va.

6. Texas oil and gas regulator says it can’t link water contamination to gas drilling

7. And The Biggest Power Polluter Is: American Electric Power Company

8. Corporate stranglehold of farmland a risk to world food security, study says

Small farmers are being squeezed out as mega-farms and plantations gobble up their land
Wheat harvesting

9. How much is going clean costing China?

Chinese tourists wear face masks while walking past the Forbidden City in February 2014 as heavy air pollution shrouded Beijing.

10. Toxins in the environment may accelerate aging, study finds

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