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Acetaminophen during pregnancy may increase risk of hyperactivity in kids


Hallowell a specialist in ADD, ADHD

ADHD Treatment May Help Binge Eaters Study Says


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Nickolas Taylor, 10, has been suspended from Milford's Stacy Middle School for pointing an imaginary gun last week. Daily News Staff Photo/John Thornton

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1. Environment as influential as genes in autism, study says

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2. Long-Awaited DEP Study Says PFC Contamination Widespread in State’s Water

3. Dangerous Chemical Invades West Wichita Drinking Water

4. East Antarctica more at risk than thought to long-term thaw

An ice shelf previously thought to be resilient to climate change is being held in place by a relatively small plug of ice.

Penguins congregate near Wilkes Land, Antarctica

5. BP cries foul in massive oil spill settlement

Is BP backpedaling on a settlement with oil spill victims, or are some Gulf Coast businesses exploiting BP to the tune of more than $500 million?

  6. ‘Sewer assets’: Use of sludge as fertilizer leads to rich-tasting foods

7. Food Fights

To address online consumer activism, food makers are advised to embrace openness
A series of foods with related quotes superimposed upon them.

8. Kentucky tops U.S. for ADHD


9. Poverty, environment are interconnected

10. Did Michigan agency lobby to bend rules on pollutants at Dearborn steel mill?

The state DEQ is proposing to revise the emissions permit for Severstal Steel in Dearborn to allow for some toxic pollutants such as lead, carbon monoxide, and PM10 (fine dust) to be doubled, tripled, quadrupled, even increased by more than 7200 percent.

1) FDA Underlines Risk of Spinal Procedures on LMW Heparins

2) ADHD Kids Often Show Autistic Traits

ADHD Kids Often Show Autistic Traits

3) Child Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) Test

4) EU wants plastic out of marine stomachs

Marine biologists are finding more plastic particles in the stomachs of dead birds and fish. The EU plans to help by reducing plastic bag use by 80 percent. A few member states have already provided the blueprint.

Plastic bag floating under water, Bali, Indonesia.

5) Heavy rainfall worsening landmine peril for Kashmiri farmers (The pictures here are graphic, young children may have a difficult time viewing them)